Rumor: Google Developing HUD-Enabled Android-based Glasses, Said to be Coming Soon


This is quite the interesting rumor. 9to5Google is reporting that Google is definitely working on previously-rumored HUD-enabled glasses. Think “Terminator” or “RoboCop” for an idea of what the HUD might look like.

The photo below is said to be close to what these Google glasses look like. It’s a pair of Oakleys THUMP MP3 glasses. Take those, apply steroids and you have what the source of this story is reporting.

The pair of glasses will apparently use the same transparent display technology that we saw Samsung and others show off at CES 2012. One lens will display everything to ensure your vision is not entirely clouded by whatever it is you’ll be looking at. The device will apparently use head gestures to navigate the operating system, which we hear is Android-based.

We’re sure Android will be heavily adapted for something of this nature but it’s unsure to what extent. I imagine reading email, text messages, social network updates and receiving phone calls will be some of the main functions featured on this so-called device. Imagine being able to see who’s trying to contact you without ever having to reach for your phone.

Imagine being able to take a call or respond to a text message without having to reach for your phone, too. Put a couple of microphones and a set of earphones like those seen above and you’ve got one of the coolest phones or phone accessories ever.

The device will reportedly house a camera, as well. We’re not sure what the primary use for it will be but it would be great to have a head camera to capture moments through my eyes. That camera will apparently be accompanied by a flash so we can at least assume still shots will be a possibility.

All of this is said to be in the works and to be unveiled soon, though it’s not yet known how Google will handle a launch. Since this product isn’t something that most people would keep their eye on (no pun intended) it could be a mistake for Google to mass produce these for retail. Instead, 9to5 suggests they’ll make them available through a program similar to the CR-48 Chromebook trials.

I would personally love to have something like this. I wear prescription glasses but I wouldn’t mind throwing these on over those for the functionality alone, as silly as it may look. If anything, just owning it would be enough to appease my geeky needs.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. lols, i will buy these

  2. Brain implants.  Do it!

  3. Sign me up.
    I’m there.
    Could I hold my nexus up to my nose and Android Beam a website to my glasses? :P

  4. BTW, the skipper of the last winning America’s Cup skipper used these while piloting the 115′ long solid-wing powered rocketship of a boat.

  5. And the battery to power all this is where? And will last for how long?

    1. Hopefully it’ll only have wifi.

  6. My money; take it

  7. my first thought was head based Swype…

    imagine walking in the mall and everyone is wearing glasses with neck spasm like movement.

    ah, take it a step further! i own the copyright to practice medicine in Neck-xting!

  8. I will so buy these

  9. Oh great, shaking my head to navigate with these things, combined with a tourette’s outburst should be enough to get me 5150’d.

  10. well idk about them looking “cool” lol. it’s going to take some adjusting for ppl to not point and laugh

  11. Sorry, I don’t buy this for a second. Is it possible that Google is developing this as proof of concept, to show what Android is possible of? Yes. Is there any chance that Google would produce a hardware device employing this? No. To date, Google has never produced any physical hardware. Even the Nexus phones were made by HTC and Samsung.

    1. It doesn’t say that google is producing the hardware…derp.

    2. You don’t have to buy it.  It’s a reality, and already exists.  Take a look.  I will post this as a main reply as well. 

  12. I have Headplay’s currently, but would love something transparent so I can see what’d going on around me… hopefully it’s not more than $500. 

  13. I think its a really bad idea espeacially with dumb people driving while wearing these things….People cant even text and drive in many states so I like the theory but too many dumb people in this world..

  14. Better patent it before Apple does.

  15. It’s already here, in the form of Ski Goggles.  So, I think this is definitely happening.  Take a look. 

    …I’m actually surprised nobody has mentioned these already.

  16. Ill be robo-cop with these on.

  17. oh no! i wanted the HMD, like sony-style version one!


    For an idea of how something like this technology could evolve.  Take a look at the concept of the ‘eButler’ that appears in this set of books.
    It’s not too far a concept from what this book describes.

  19. Or to play Angry Birds with hurr hurr hurr….. 

  20. Life. Now HUD enabled.

  21. Been suffering from sight problems for many years. Until recently using this method:
    Now I am able to see perfect!

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