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Does having a weekend writer feel good? How about 2?


Well, did you think our buddy Raveesh was going to be all lonely during the weekends? We have news for you – Phandroid is not taking any chances, and will have two writers bringing you all the Android goodies during the weekends.

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. You may remember me from such films as… OK, I have not been in any movies. You may have seen me covering Android news else where, though. From now on, I will be covering weekend news for all you fine ladies and gentlemen, during weekend afternoons. I am very excited to join the Phandroid team, as well as its great community, so let’s start with a bit about myself.

I am 24 years old, and live in San Diego, CA. Writing Android content has been my life for over a year, now. I have not regretted a single minute of it, and am sure this is the beginning of a great experience, along with all of you. I also attended UC Davis, and studied Medieval Studies (I know, quite awesome), which is not something you will hear very often.

If you are curious about my Android habits and preferences, here are some details (I’ll follow Raveesh’s format, for the sake of continuity):

Current Smartphone: HTC Thunderbolt (This should be changing soon).
Current Tablet: Toshiba Thrive 7″ (And this one will definitely be changing soon).

Favorite Apps:

  • Google Reader: From tech to politics, this little app definitely has your back. It is about the simplest, easiest to use news reader.
  • Dropbox: When it comes to sharing and saving all your files in the cloud, this one is quite the no-brainer. Dropbox offers a great and simple way to upload all your images, videos and any files of your choice. Not to mention the fact that it is multi-platform, and works with most devices, including PCs. Great way to have all your files available on the go.
  • Google Voice: This bad boy has probably saved me hundreds of dollars. After signing up, Google gives you your personal number, from which you can send and receive text messages for free! You can also unify all of your phones by having all your calls forwarded to them. Whenever someone calls me to my Google Voice number, all my phones ring, and I can pick up calls from my phone of choice.
  • Any.Do: I have to agree with Raveesh. Any.Do has been taking very good care of me, as well. It keeps all of my to-do lists well organized and clean. It also offers a very easy to operate UI. Definitely one of my most highly recommended apps.

Favorite Games

  • Shadowgun: I am not much of a first-person shooter, but I have to say that I really enjoyed playing this game. The graphics are stunning, and the game is one of the closest to console-quality gaming, in the Android ecosystem.
  • History Great Battles Medieval: I am a medieval nerd, so there is no doubt that this game would be part of my repertoire. The game takes you through a series of medieval battles, and it looks and feels much like Age of Empires. Definitely fun for the History lovers.
  • Zenonia: I am a huge RPG fan. While I am still waiting for a good RPG to hit the Android Market. This game is probably one of the best options around.

Well, there you go, guys. You have met your new writers, and it is now time for the fun to begin. You can go ahead and follow me on Twitter or Google+. I love to stay in touch with the community, so please don’t be afraid to reach out to me.

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Welcome to Phandroid!

  2. Welcome! Your thunderbolt is welcome here at phandroid! ….unlike some other mytouch phandroid weedend writers! No names…..u guys will just have to guess….Nah im PLAYING! WELCOME

    1. He might have the Thunderbolt, but I have the myTouch girl!

  3. I’m sorry you’re still stuck with a ‘bolt.

    1. LOL. Won’t be for long. 

      1. I actually like mine – with MIUI. Hoping someone gets their hands on the RIL to get some ICS.

      2. Sooooo, what so you plan on ditching the Tbolt for??? ;)

        1. These decisions are becoming very hard lately… I am in a hard spot between the Galaxy Nexus, the Droid RAZR Maxx (I have seen battery life reports of over 2 days…), and the Galaxy Note (don’t even know if it will come to Verizon yet). 

          If no signs of the Galaxy Note appear before next month, I will probably go for the Maxx…

  4. Welcome!!!!

  5. Why so anxious to dump the Thrive? Just wondering…

    1. I may be a bit picky. The tablet has a lot of bugs, and for being a Tegra 2 device, it is definitely not as smooth as other tablets out there. 

  6. Is the renaissance fair still in existence?

    1. LOL. Depending on your area, yeah. I have noticed that many cities have stopped doing it, though. 

      1. Norman, OK! every year, hundreds of people and …. elephants lol

    2. Still going strong in Ohio!

  7. Nice to see you here Edgar, i always enjoyed your articles on AAM.

  8. Welcome, looking forward to reading more Android News

  9. Welcome to the neighborhood,Edgar.Hope you plan on sticking around for a long time to come,as the presence of another member of the A/F STAFF on the weekend is definitely appreciated.

  10. Welcome, Edgar, I have seen you around in the Android scene before.
    With all these weekend articles I can’t keep up now, this is great!!! ;)
    Ahhhhh, from AAM that’s right…

  11. Welcome! Nice to see we finally will be Bering weekend articles! I personalty love my 10 inch Thrive, but to each their own.

  12. Did they fire u from Android and me lol

    1. LOL. No. I am doing AAM during the weekdays and Phandroid during the weekends. 

  13. I am so excited that now I do not have to go to talkandroid or androidcentral on the weekends anymore for my Android fix :D

  14. From the picture you can tell he is a Tree Pirate!!!  I thought those magnificent creatures were extinct from the world.  Good to know there are still a few around.

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