Yahoo attempts to stay relevant, now searches Android Market apps


Because apps are the answer to any woe, Yahoo is trying to turn people’s obsession with smartphone software into page views with the introduction of Android Market (and iOS) search results. An apps tab can now be found when using Yahoo to search the web. Users can view Yahoo’s suggested apps or poke around for whatever suits their taste. Results can be filtered by operating system, price, and category. Application pages provide reviews from the Android Market as well as Yahoo users, but do little more than act as a forwarding page to the Android Market. Was this even necessary? Save a step and search directly through Google.

[AndroidCentral via Engadget]

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  1. Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask, etc.

    Why do they even bother? Stick to email (except for Bing & Ask) and shut down your search engines.

  2. i hate the whole bing vs google thing where bing says google puts themselves first in a search result of search engine… what i find even MORE funny is that on bing, BING shows up first haha, now i KNOW that isn’t ordered correctly.

    as for yahoo, sorry, your just not as relevant as you used to be, the only thing i use you for is for my spam email.

  3. I know we’re talking about Android here, but Yahoo is actually a massive sports company with their Yahoo! Sports and network. They’re just trying to build an ecosystem for their users. It’s actually pretty smart. Do I use Yahoo search? Hell no, but this is one more reason to consider it if I wasn’t such a Google fanboy.

  4. Yahoo is still quite relevant in internet media and advertising, they don’t really care about search anymore (hence outsourcing it to bing). Yahoo is actually much more popular in Google in many Asian countries as well, like Japan.

  5. I can’t believe Google didn’t think about doing this first..

    1. They did.

  6. I do feel sorry for Yahoo, their mail client is WAY nicer to use than Gmail.

  7. I’ll use Google to search for apps. I haven’t used yahoo in years. Why would I?

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