Feel like James Bond with Phaeton’s Android-powered smart watch


We’ve seen quite a few Android-powered smart watches as of late, including a new entry from Sony and the MOTOACTV from Motorola. They can interface with a smartphone to allow users to receive notifications and manage calls, but so far we haven’t seen any really great all-in-one concepts. That is not to say this Android watch from Shenzhen Phaeton Nice Electronic High-Tech Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (you really can’t make that name up…) will be the driving force behind a phonewatch revolution, but it’s built-in cellular support would make James Bond proud. The device currently runs Froyo on its MTK6516 processor, but an upgraded version should see the 3G-enabled MTK6573 and potential support for Ice Cream Sandwich. The watch sports a camera, microSD slot, speaker and microphone, and a 2-inch 320×240 capacitive display. The whole shebang is priced at only $200. Our friend Charbax with ARMDevices.net went hands-on at CES. Check out the video below.

[via ARMDevices]

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  1. That’s what I’m talking about!

  2. Not bad at all…

  3. i love the give and take between these two guys!  who’s on first?

  4. Nothing that my old OG Droid and some duct tape can’t do

  5. “Does it come in black?”

  6. porn?

  7. This is what I would prefer to a full size phone…  Good first gen….  Getting tired of having to take out the phone just to check the time or txt…

    Just imagine if Moto ever got their smarts in gear & created a Moto Razr HSPA+/LTE 3″ ICS Wrist Watch….  Then they could go from 10 devices down to 5…

    I’m tired on having to take my HD2 out of my pocket…  With the price and speed of tablets today…  Having a great 7″-10″ ICS tablet + a 4.x” phone seems redundant….  This is the first Android watch/phone device that I can see truly replacing a phone…  Just needs some refinement…

  8. This is quite interesting. I could see mysef buying this as long as there is no lag.

  9. No laser? Deal breaker.

  10. Cancer creator.

  11. When it’s more polished, runs newer Android versions, and if it comes in black…ohh oh oh.

  12. A watch-phone has 

    the following advantages over 

    all cell phones because 

    it’s always on your wrist:

    1 – Instantly accessible to answer calls.

    2 – Improbable that you may forget it.

    3 – Difficult to lose it.

    4 – Most unlikely to be dropped. 

    5 – Difficult to be stolen.  



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