LG brings Resident Evil 4 to Android, exclusive to Korea


LG is giving Korean gamers a bit more incentive to pick up an LTE smartphone with the launch of Resident Evil 4 for Android. The Capcom-made game is being offered exclusively to those signed up for LG’s U+ mobile service. Available in the U+ Market for those with a 4G LTE device, the action/horror title looks to be a port of the currently available iOS version of the game. It is being sold for  ₩5,500 (~$5). The exclusivity seems to be more for promotional reasons than anything else. Don’t be surprised to see RE4 released on a much wider scale in the near future.

[via The Verge]

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  1. it will soon be globally available, especially we can download third party apps, thats one of the best advantages of the openness of android :)

  2. played it for iphone.. before they released the extra levels.. i loved it..!!  can’t wait to play it on Android

  3. That’s it! Pull all US troops out… Ungrateful bastards! (I kid!)

    1. +1

      lol, you got me in stitches.

  4. Yep. I will totally be buying this to complement GTA3. Tegra 2 devices still good enough? Hopefully it will be released to the global android market soon.

  5. John Garrett? What up man I didn’t know you were on here. This is of course assuming you’re the john Garrett I even know!

  6. This is why Capcom is so hated. Pulling shit like this all the time.

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