Prepare to Get “Samsunged” During Super Bowl 46 With Samsung’s New Major Ad Campaign [Video]


The folks at Samsung are planning a major Super Bowl 46 spot and it all begins with a new video in the “Next Big Thing” series of ads. It’s a continuation of the campaign where they depict Apple fans standing in line waiting for a phone that looks the same as last year’s iteration, only to be showed up by someone carrying the illustrious Galaxy S II. They’ve gotten a name for that now: Samsunged.

As you know, the time to wait in these clips get shorter and shorter each time we see them and we’ve all been wondering what will happen whenever those Apple doors swing open. All of that looks to go down at some point throughout the Super Bowl this year. In case you’re not a football fan that’ll be taking place on February 5th at 6:25 pm Eastern on NBC.

So now, of course, comes the curiosity: just what are we expecting to see? The first thing we’d love to see is a reveal of some sort. The Samsung Galaxy S III, perhaps?

Imagine a scenario where the Apple fans waiting in line have really been waiting in front of a fake pop-up Apple store all this time, only for Samsung to tear it down and reveal their store filled with a quad-core 4G Galaxy S III. A man can dream, can’t he?

Perhaps a big brawl between Samsung and Apple fans will ensue. It’d at least parallel what’s going on between Apple and Samsung in the courts. Perhaps the “why don’t you just get 4G phones” girl will make a stunning return to help the Samsung crowd out.

It could be anything but you bet we’ll have our eyes peeled for it during the big game. And even if you won’t be watching we’re sure the YouTube video will be up shortly after so don’t fret – we’ll be bringing you all the juicy details before you can get over your hangover in the morning. Watch the Apple crowd get Samsunged in the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Estimated amount of people who will use the term “Samsunged” in real life = 0

    1. ill use it

    2. Look, two people already.  You just got Samsunged Joe!

  2. I like how he tossed the charger to the guy, basically saying the iPhone 4 has terrible battery life. LMAO. 

    1. yeah, me too… but that would be false. iPhone battery life is far superior to any android device. don’t pretend that it isn’t 

      1. 4S had battery issues (the rest were really good). There were a couple of updates that were supposed to fix it but didn’t. 

        Galaxy S II has phenomenal battery life. My life no longer revolves around outlets. =p

        1. hmm. knowing the nature of android, that huge ass screen, and samsung’s previous battery issues, I find that hard to believe. but I’m sure the GSII has better battery life than most android phones. my galaxy S was pretty disappointing.

        2. Had, or still has? I haven’t heard of a fix yet. 

        3. My friend just got a Samsung Galaxy SII and he keeps showing off his amazing battery life. His phone is one of the only smart phones at school that can survive without being charged during class.

      2. Stop lying…My girl always has to charge her iphone4..just as much or more then me but at least i can swap the battery out..

      3. How about the razr maxx? There’s no way anyone can out do that! It’s what, like three days of use on that massive battery?!

        No, apple will never win against android in specs, just by nature.

    2. I thought it was in reference to how long the iSheep were in line…

  3. You guys may have all missed the main part of the video.

    The guy who has the line “Awww we just got Samsunged” is dressed to look like he is in jail (hence the horizontally striped shirt and gray beanie, referencing early prison attire).  Also notice how often they show the shots of him walled behind bars, grasping to them as if he is indeed jailed.

    They’re making  huge play at how closed and locked in iOS is, compared to how free and open Android is.

    [edit: I am not saying Apple=China and Google=Switzerland, I am merely pointing out what Samsung is playing at by using major subconscious tactics… and they’re brilliant]

    1. That is pretty brilliant if they did that on purpose. Nice catch.

      1. I thought it was pretty obvious they did this on purpose…

        1. lol i did too, i laughed pretty hard when i saw him behind bars haha

        2. Very obvious, indeed.

    2. Yeah, that was inspired! Keep drinking, Dad. It’s working for ya!

    3. i was about to comment on this. hmph

  4. We’re gonna see a commercial with samsung taking a huge dump on the iPhone(figuratively speaking).  Definitely a GS2 commercial but not a peep about the 3.

  5. samsung just got tebow

    1. Oh yeah, did they trade for him?  I didn’t even know they had an NFL team.

  6. Using it. +3

  7. No love for the Galaxy Nexus?  It pretty much trumps the SII in every way but the camera.  I realize the SII is Samsung’s baby, but the Nexus carries the Galaxy brand too and it’s more aesthetically impressive than the SII.

    1. Samsung would rather push their Galaxy S # series, and Verizon would rather the Nexus line didn’t exist.  So this doesn’t surprise me.

    2. And in the US it’s limited to Verizon right now, S2 isn’t.

    3. Absolutely disagree. I have both and my Tmobile SGSII is much better than the Galaxy Nexus in most ways. The only way the Galaxy Nexus trumps the SGSII is that it has ICS.

  8. Samsung Samsux

    4 Samsung phones have graced my presence, the Fascinate, Captivate, Charge and Nexus. All had great radios and data connection, also software fixed the issues…NOT

    1. I still have the Captivate and have NEVER had an issue.

  9. Fail

  10. Perhaps Samsung will use the “zero hour” to reveal the Galaxy Note, since it has yet to arrive stateside.

    1. While I hope for the Galaxy S III, I’m thinking the Note as well =/

      1. CTIA is in Feb, right.. That’s about the right time to release the SGIII…. And since the Superbowl is a few weeks before, maybe it WILL be a teaser. 

    2. The Note is coming to AT&T though…

  11. I seriously thought the thumbnail of this post was a picture of Phandroid’s own Kevin Krause xD

  12. Awww…. we just got HTCed!… 

    Probably never hear that. Wish they’d step up their marketing.

  13. Well, anything is better than that Xoom commercial Motorola aired during last year’s Superbowl.

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