Android Forums Galore: CES Brings Us 18 New Devices, We Bring You 18 New Forums


Hey, did you know there is this big trade show going in Las Vegas? If you haven’t seen us mention it in just about every post lately, take note. We’re here at CES and CES is treating us good with 18 new Android devices already announced (and the show floor hasn’t even opened yet). With all of the press day announcements there is plenty to talk about, and we have you covered over at Android Forums. Whether you’re debating the Droid RAZR MAXX’s battery life compared to the original or simply salivating over the thought of LTE phones for sprint, hit up the links below to get in on the discussion.

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  1. I may have missed it, but what about for the Sprint G-Nex?

  2. None for HTC in CES???

  3. so was there no galaxy S3 announcement? i was really looking forward to that

  4. Yeah, was gonna post same thing.. HTC?

  5. guys, the event hasn’t even started. these are the devices that have been announced so far. i’m sure there are tons more to come.

  6. Man it took like 2 months for the exhibit ii to get a forum after it was released, these phones get a forum before they’re even released.

  7. Please reconsider having a separate Maxx site. Just let Maxx specifics be threads under RAZR. Thx

  8. Missing from this list, the HTC Rogue:  Total concept device on Tmobile with a 4.7″  screen, 32gb internal memory, 4gb ram, removable SD card, (Ships with a 16gb card) Vanilla Android ICS, 8mp rear camera, 4mp FFC, (LED flash on both sides) NFC chip, and a 2.4ghz dual core processor and Beats sound system. Should also come shipped with an unlocked bootloader. It’s said to be so perfect, it hasn’t even been conceived yet. 

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