Samsung InTouch Is another Android-based HD Webcam with Skype


Did you catch our article about the TelyHD? The device, a standalone webcam for use with an HD television set, is about to get some competition. Samsung is jumping into the ring with their own Android-based Skype machine for living room video calls. There are some differentiating factors to consider, including Samsung’s choice to use Android 2.3 (the TelyHD runs Android 2.2) and the inclusion of a palm-sized QWERTY keyboard for surfing the web and firing off a few emails. The TelyHD does benefit from a larger storage capacity of 2GB compared to the InTouch’s 512MB.

Samsung’s unit will arrive in March at a price of $199.99, $50 less than the already-available TelyHD. We’ll be on the lookout for more information and some one-on-one time with the InTouch as we make the CES rounds this week.

[via CNET]

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  1. Adding one or two features is not enough for making a good market with brand dedicated users. this is smartphone world fill with apps and updates. Samsung makers do not have own technology they are not good thinkers and not innovators, so  naturally Samsung do not have the power to get into the smartphones market.
    Samsung nexus,if you buy this device and after 6 months a new phone is introduced with another new version of Android then again you have to buy a new handset, so what about the older one who will but it and why, even people who are technology and features concerned will never opt for a outdated version.
    so why will you buy a new Samsung device when you know about the persisting problems.

    1.  Apparently you have zero clue about anything you’ve posted.  The Galaxy Nexus will be updated as Google releases updates, and not be left out. 

      Samsung has innovated way past your beloved Apple’s ability to innovate, and the reason is Apple is continually litigating, which is causing other companies to innovate. 

      Apple is scared, and they should be.  Samsung, LG, and others are creating TVs with GoogleTV built in.  That means no one willl need to have the Apple TV set top box anymore.  All these TVs will have it built in, again innovation wins, and Apple loses. 

      I’ve seen your posts before, and your ignorance is laughable at best.  Everyone has called you out on your comments, and yet, you still feel you have a valid point.

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