Angry Birds Animated Channel Coming To Samsung Smart TVs


We first saw Angry Birds on a mobile phones. Then they grew to tablets. Now, Samsung is not only taking them to the big screen in your family room with availability on Smart TVs:

Not only that, but Samsung’s new Smart TV’s will also be the first home to “Angry Birds On Demand Animated Channel” which will have digital shorts never before seen. I’m sure we’ll get a healthy mix of readers, some excited to angrily fling birds at on an even bigger device, some simply sick of the Angry Birds onslaught that somehow penetrates every facet of our life. Which group are you in?

Angry Birds overload continues…

But can Samsung’s Smart TVs succeed if Google TV makes it big? I think manufacturers are hedging their bets on both, but I’m still convinced that Google TV is the future of television. Samsung has a developer platform, but would you rather develop for Android and have your apps/games available across LOTS of TVs or develop for Samsung and then developer for other OEMs as well?

That’s probably the very reason Google TV has taken awhile to catch on: TV makers are reluctant to give Google the keys to the house after seeing how Android, along with iOS, has completely altered the mobile landscape. Let’s face it… Angry Birds on your TV will turn a lot of heads and get a lot of picture snaps, but in the long run it’s small potatoes.

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  1. Never understood why this game got so big.  Must be a lot more sub-10 year old’s using phones then I thought.

  2. @Drew56:disqus You are forgetting the “Hip” parents.

  3. Angry birds was kinda fun at first too kill time but got old real fast.

  4. I saw Angry Birds Band-Aids at Wal-Mart yesterday.  Seriously?!?

  5. really? now it’s animated?
    this fascination with AngryBirds needs to go the way of the Parachute Pants & Clear Pepsi

  6. @a6325197c93e3d1a48590455c52f839c:disqus …forgot…Would you like to work from home? Read more here: and you will find out how to get a nice income every month.

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