Motorola-chan Plays Hot with Teacher in New Android-inspired Manga


This is really…weird. Japan’s Weekly ASCII computer magazine is running an irregularly serialized manga based around Android and its prominent manufacturers. The series is called  Hana no Android Gakuen (Android School of Flowers) and follows a set of characters each representing an Android manufacturer. Taking a cue from real life, Moto Laura has gotten hitched to the class’ instructor, a character based on Google.

It gets weirder with a Jobs-ian character holding an apple, foreign exchange students including Elle G, Sam Sung, and H. T. Syee, and local students based on the likes of Casio and Sharp. The first four installments (in Japanese) as well as character art and wallpapers can be found on the Wekly ASCII site.

[via AnimeNewsNetwork | Thanks, Gian!]

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  1. I don’t… what…

    1. Not familiar with Japan, I see. I’m more surprised that there isn’t tentacle rape.

      1. my thoughts exactly…but there is still time for that…

        1. Tentacle root?

      2. Wow, you’re into that kind of stuff…

      3. Lol.  It’s a shame that I know what ur talking about.  Smh…

  2. anxiously awaiting a translated version…..This has got to be the Weirdest shit regarding Android EVER!!!
    So…I want to know what its about :P

  3. Is it really wrong that I want to bang the LG character

    1. No, not at all

  4. I like HTC better.

  5. I’d love to read a translated version! :)

  6. Too bad t-mobile is compressing the ?@!# out of my jpg images (tethering), I can barely see the artwork :(

  7. Is “Hot With Teacher” supposed to be a reference to “Hot FOR Teacher”? Or is it some sort of translation of something?

    1. Moto Laura-chan is supposed to be married with Google-sensei, according to the characters description in ANN


  8. Please, for the love of all that is nerdy, someone do a scanlation for this

  9. h.t. syee is so hot

  10. This is hilarious. I’ll post up scanalations on my G+ page tomorrow. 

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