Modern Combat 3 Now $0.99 in the Android Market


If the original $6.99 price tag was keeping you away from checking out Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, cost is an excuse no longer. The game is currently available in the Android Market with a $0.99 price tag. At the time of writing, the price hasn’t updated on the web version of the app store, but accessing the Market via a handset reveals the discount.

The pricing is only food for 24 hours as part of a big sale GameLoft has going on. All of their titles are currently priced at just $0.99. It’s a great opportunity to stock up on some quality games.

[via Android Market | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. I have a galaxy s oil why us my phone not compatible

    1. What on earth are you trying to say?

      1. Don’t you know the Galaxy Soil?

        1. No I don’t. I must have missed it. Sounds groundbreaking. What are the specs?

  2. Mmmmm.. ” food for 24 hours”

    1. lol yea someone was hungry while writing this article.

  3. too bad I can’t frigging buy it on a rezound. what a joke.

  4. Gameloft can go suck an ostrich egg!!

    I’ve got an LG Nitro HD, the same phone they’re currently offering as a prize in their ‘Level Up Sweepstakes”…Yet NONE of their HD titles show up as compatible in the Android Market for me, even though they DO show up if you go to the site (though how convenient that the promo prices DON’T apply on their own website)!!

    Gameloft support says google hasn’t updated their ‘compatibility list’, Google Market support says Gameloft hasn’t updated theirs!

    Considering the history I’ve seen with Gameloft and their lack of interest in correcting their issues…I’m thinking this is an issue Gameloft is being lackadaisical about.

    Too bad Gameloft, I would’ve bought a bunch of games from you already…If you people gave at least a rat’s a$$ about customers!

  5. I’m having issues downloading on galaxy 2 as well. but since it let me buy it for .99 I’m fine waiting for an update. lol I had less issues on the galaxy 1 & mytouch 4g than with galaxy 2. but I have those to family members to get this one. dual core issues?

  6. I learned my lesson from buying directly from gameloft. never again.
    I switch phones too many times. I will only buy from market & Amazon for now…

  7. Too bad I can’t purchase it from the market. Keeps saying there is an error everyone I click on buy

  8. It doesn’t show up on my transformer market, bummer, I don’t want it on my nexus.

  9. Anyone know of some good Android games with a great storyline and character dialogue/development? Those are the main things I look for in a game. Kind of like playing through a good book. Thanks.

    1. Spectral souls. Basically a full 1GB game port from PSP. One of the best deep story driven games ever for me (its a rpg)

  10. Some aren’t compatible with my phone so i went to the web version, bought them, and now i just have to wait to get a compatible device

  11. Still waiting for my g-nex to arrive after a few weeks! And my current phone aren’t compatible, so I guess it won’t be possible for me to buy it? Or is there another way?

  12. This app is incompatible with all of your devices.lame

  13. Not compatible with Razor either. What a joke.

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