Apple Drags Galaxy Tab 10.1N Into Court


The Galaxy Tab 10.1N, Samsung’s answer to a judge’s ruling that banned the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (without the N) in Germany, will now have its own day in court. Samsung may have hoped that Apple would find no complaint with the release of the cosmetically modified tablet, but nothing gets past the watch of Cupertino’s lawyers, apparently.

Just a few days after Samsung and Apple will meet in court for an appeal of the original verdict they will come together to debate whether or not the Galaxy Tab 10.1N ventures far enough away from original copy-cat claims to actually avoid falling under the scope of the initial decision. The ruling in the 10.1N case hinges on the verdict o the appeal, stirring some rather murky legal waters. Regardless of in whose favor the gavel falls, the set of court cases will go along way in determining how far-reaching the initial ban actually is.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. As much as I dislike litigation, Samsung has opened themselves up for it over the past year. Acer, Asus, HTC and others have established that you can make tablets without ripping off Apple. Same goes for phones.

    1. Then I guess it’s a good thing that Samsung didn’t copy Apple in the first place. The first suit was way off base. All tablets are inherently similar in order for them to even be called tablets. That’s where they part ways. Just because the fruits made the iPad first didn’t mean they get to be the only ones to make tablets. Otherwise, we have to sue them for antitrust as the only game in town. This just shows that Apple has no intention of competing. Since Samsung makes many of the parts in the fruit bar, maybe they should stop shipping parts until Apple realizes what a huge mistake they are making.

      1. Won’t happen. Apple makes Samsung quite a bit of money, and although Samsung may be plenty annoyed by Apple’s lawyers, they still have business agreements in place. Stopping shipments to Apple would be a breach of contract and would result in more lawsuits for Samsung as well as a good likelihood that they would never have Apple’s business again. From our perspective, it makes sense for Samsung to take Apple by the balls since they can, but it doesn’t make much sense business-wise.

        1. You’re probably right but it still is just sooooo wrong what the rotten fruit does to stay in a niche market.

    2. Eeeeeeexcept that Apple has actually sued (or threatened to sue) everyone of those companies, and more.  Also you might have heard of Microsoft suing Android licensees. It was kinda big news, made the papers even.  I suppose EVERY phone or tablet manufacturer was similarly “just asking to be sued”?

      There was nothing Samsung could have done, they just got lucky by being the largest target on the block because of the Galaxy phones runaway success. That is what the suits are really about. Design is just the hammer, not the reason to swing it.

      (Fair disclosure: I love my ASUS Transformer, and think it will do more damage to Apple’s long term position than Samsung tablets – in the end).

      1. WOW do you even read before you post?
        His point is very valid. 
        You than go on your Android fanboy robot mode and must not think much. 
        He wasnt talking about the money that manufactures pay Microsoft. That is beside his point. 
        ” I suppose EVERY phone or tablet manufacturer was similarly “just asking to be sued”?”
        We have a patent system don’t blame the player. 
        “There was nothing Samsung could have done, they just got lucky by being the largest target on the block because of the Galaxy phones runaway success. That is what the suits are really about. Design is just the hammer, not the reason to swing it.”
        THERE CERTAINLY IS SOMETHING SAMSUNG COULD HAVE DONE! Maybe not fuckin copy Apple? Well of course a company will go after a company especially whey they are putting out mass quantities of a product that RIPS OFF THEIR DESIGN! 
        Would be it be ok with you if I came over to your house and stole your stuff?
        I love the liberal ideology that just because a company has been successful like Apple that means its ok to rip off their design. Like Apple cant defend themselves because  you dont like their products. 

        1. Someone needs to get off their high horse, Apple has tried and is going after the OEMs that make Android products.
          “We have a patent system don’t blame the player.”
          Well we have a broken patent system, and the player is abusing it, should we still not hate the player?
          “THERE CERTAINLY IS SOMETHING SAMSUNG COULD HAVE DONE! Maybe not fuckin copy Apple?”
          Apple copied LG’s Prada design with the Iphone so even if it’s decided that Samsungs phones look like the Iphone, they still weren’t copying Apple, they just copied LG, and there aren’t too many ways to make a touchscreen smartphone that will be a good viable design for the market.
          “I love the liberal ideology that just because a company has been successful like Apple that means its ok to rip off their design.”
          I love your ideology that Apple is allowed to sue EVERY SINGLE MANUFACTURER THAT HAS MADE AN ANDROID SMARTPHONE because they do have a patent that is for slide to unlock, which Android has implemented so technically they are all in violation. (Even though it was considered invalid because of prior art, which should be happening to plenty of Apple’s patents)
          This isn’t a case of Samsung “stealing Apples stuff” Its like you going and stealing something from your friend, and someone else goes and takes the other copy from your friend. And the first person who stole it is screaming because they lost theirs and thinks you stole it from them.

          1.  Why waste that much time arguing with a troll? He comes here and usually makes zero sense. The funny thing is, he’s here ALL THE TIME.  What does that tell you? If Apple was all that or if he was really that into Apple, he wouldn’t have the time to troll. He’s over here because deep down he knows which product is superior. And it ain’t no stinking rotten Apple.

          2. Meh, don’t usually like feeding trolls, but I was trying to find something to take my attention off of homework. Damn procrastination.

        2. I think we disagree on the definition of “copy”.  Apple has not sued consistently across all mfgs and geographic boundaries by design nor patent, they have instead picked a legal manuever based on best available leverage.  The common thrust: attack mfgs not products.

          I don’t think tablets in general meet the legal definition of copies just because they are tablets.  I don’t want Apple to go away becuase their presense makes Android better.  To avoid monopoly you have to have competition which implies products that can “compete” in the same market space.  Apple’s actions say it wants no competition in the marketplace, which is a business decision not a product effort.

          1. “Apple’s action say it wants no competition in the marketplace, which is a business decision not a product one.”

            What a stupid argument. A company should not be forced to compete against it’s own patented, intellectual property. If Apple wanted no competition, then it would be going after Blackberry and Windows Phone as well. But because those companies offer products that aren’t clones of Apple products, Apple has no reason to go after them. But since the day the G1 was released it was clear to anyone with a brain who Android was trying to imitate, and Samsung’s versions of iPhonies have gone the farthest with that imitation. Hence, the injunctions. Same goes for Apple. If the iPhone or iPad is found to be in violation of someone’s patented, non-FRAND IP, then BAN them…..u see what that’s called fandroids? It’s called being CONSISTENT…..try it sometimes

          2.  How do you like that Apple defeat in Australia? I guess they woke up and realized the Tabs were NOT the crippled crap the iPad is.

            Apple copies and steals other ideas (LG Prada, Palm) and call them their own. If anyone should be suing is HP and LG.

          3. Defeat? That fake iPad has been banned since August… you know how many sales they’ve missed in nearly 4 months???? On second thought, not that many, since the now-defunct HP Touchpad outsold it with their fake iPad $99 fire sale! Lmao!

            Like I said, if Apple is guilty, then they’re guilty….not that you’ve actually proven that, but that’s ok….I’m used to you not proving things

      2. Funny how the most successful Android products (Samsung) are the ones that most closely resemble Apple products…..what a coincidence

        1. Asus Transformer looks nothing like Apple’s products.

          1. I don’t remember where I mentioned the Asus Transformer….

          2. “…the most successful Android products (Samsung) are the ones that most closely resemble Apple products”

            The Transformer is the hottest selling Android Tablet, and it doesn’t resemble Apple products.

        2. really, i didnt know that samsung galaxy phones had poorly designed antenna placement or glass on the back to be easily shattered?  or the fact that I have no “magical round button” on the front.   hmmmm, amazing, I must not have looked too closely at my phone to have not seen all the “similarities” that it has with the iphone.

          1. This is a really funny comment given how the Galaxy S line had completely broken GPS hardware. 

            You can’t make this kind of irony up.

    3. Ask crapple about the lg prada..PS Apple rips off more than anyone

      1. Come on dude, it’s almost 2012 and you don’t have anything better than a long debunked, always weak argument point? Sad.

        1. Hardly debunked.  Valid point is valid.

          1. The LG Prada was a horrible dumbphone with a touchscreen. How is this a valid point AT ALL? 

            You always hear this stuff in the tech world, and it’s always accompanied by some CEO or higher up at the alleged victim threatening to sue. And of course, they never do, because they don’t have a case. Sound familiar? Yeah, this is what the LG CEO did and nothing happened. Because they didn’t have a leg to stand on.

          2.  It’s a vital point BECAUSE IT CLOSELY RESEMBLED THE IPHONE. It also had a capacitive touchscreen.  

            Also today, said lawsuit would have certainly gained traction. The fact that a copy-cat company like Apple could sue and win over extremely mundane things like the shape of a device speaks volumes about the idiocy of the patent and judicial systems of today.

            LG would have definitely had a case in today’s court, but alas, they are not greedy creeps like Apple.

  2. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally? WTF?

  3. WFT?!?! these are nothing alike! i mean, if you took my glasses away and made me guess between the turned off screen of that and the turned off screen of an ipad from 20 feet away, i couldn’t tell the difference, but then again, i’d probably confuse a black closed netbook with a tablet. >_> 

    apple has no VALID or REASONABLE reason to sue the competition…. they’re just scared because thye’re loosing huge amounts of market share. fuckers. >_>

    1. +1000

      *man invents wheel*
      *Apple-man thinks of rolling the wheel*
      Apple-man: Wheel is our invention!

      1. Just a minor correction to what googlelover99 said:  it’s more like this:
        *man invents wheel*
        *Apple-man plans to use wheel in their product*
        *Apple-man patents wheel*
        Apple-man: Wheel is our invention!

        1. *Apple-man: Wheel is magical!

  4. Apple. Would you please just STFU, and give us something a little more impressive than the 4S? THEN perhaps you’ll be able somewhat recover the nose dive your market share has taken.

    1. “THEN perhaps you’ll be able to somewhat recover from the nosedive your market share has taken.”

      Another SHINING example of fandroid ignorance:

      I know it’s difficult for some of you fandroids, but THINK…..

      1. A thinking person doesn’t have to resort to ad hominems to retort.


        #FeathersNotRuffled.  And obvious troll is obvious on an Android site. ;-)  Thanks for playing.

        1. *notices how the fandroid conveniently sidesteps the POINT*

          So predictable…..

          1. Notices back that the ad-hominem touting person doesn’t have a valid retort.

            Again, thanks for playing.

      2.  LOL, that was to be expected, all the iTards held out and bought their iPhone 4s. After the October quarter IOS is going to start a steady but slow nosedive again. Notice despite all the hoopla, Android still grew.

        Also now that the fangirls are beginning to see the iPhone 4s isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, many are going to ditch it.  Just watch as see.

        1. Cheap will always outgrow premium….nothing new there

          1. It’s true.  And nothing wrong with that.  Most people don’t drive a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari.

            But unlike Apple, those premium brands don’t cry:  Noooooo!   Nobody should be allowed to drive a cheap car that kind of resembles ours!

          2. Yeah….but the cheap brands (Android) do cry: “how dare you try and defend your legally awarded patents and trademarks! It’s anti-competitive to not allow us to copy without consequence!”

          3. @iKing_2 If by “copy with out consequence” you mean attempting to compete in the same industry as apple then yes you are correct. Back to danny’s point, jist because ford makes another car that’s cheaper, has wheels, and runs on an internal cumbustion engine doesnt mean its infringment. All tablets are inherantly going to be rectangular and have roughly the same shape and dimensions.

          4. > cry: “how dare you try and defend your legally
            > awarded patents

            What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

            Apple should not be copying either.  Apple has copied plenty from Android recently.  And Apple has copied from other non-Android preexisting works.  Steve Jobs boasted about Apple copying.

            In fact, if Apple (or anybody) were held to the ridiculous broken patent system, then nobody would build anything.

            You, I nor anyone else can write any non trivial code without infringing upon patents.

            Why doesn’t Apple just compete instead of try to create a monopoly with patents?

            Answer: because they want an artificially high priced ecosystem which doesn’t work in the absence of a monopoly and in the presence of effective competition.

          5. Google knew that when they stabbed Apple in the back and entered this mobile space that this is how the game is played. Rules are rules….i may not like speed limit laws, but that’s not a justifiable defense to break them simply bcuz I think they’re outdated or broken.

            Competition is fine….but like I said earlier, no one should be forced to compete against their own legally awarded patents and trademarks. You don’t see Apple going after Blackberry or Windows Phone bcuz they have produced products that aren’t iPhone clones. Since day one Android has sought to duplicate the iPhone experience, patents be damned. So this notion that Apple wants to wipe out competition with patents is absurd. Actually, patents encourage legitimate competition bcuz you can’t just rip off people’s IP. If it can be proven that Apple has stolen someone’s patented IP, make them pay the price. Period
            But the notion that you can just infringe upon a company’s IP without consequence is consistent with the freetard mentality that exists at Google and in the minds of their followers….

          6. The problem is Apples patents are generally too damn broad and can be interpreted any way theyd like. Take example theyre lock screen patent they aquired just recently. Anything that has a “slide to unlock style lock” is theirs. Jesus that could be everything! Apple likely doesnt go after them because theyre hardly a threat within the smartphone industry.

      3. That would be U.S. market share. For worldwide market share check the link below.
        Also, all i said was the 4S was unimpressive condisdering the year and a half break apple took from the last iphone release. I never said Apple users werent stupid enough to buy it.

  5. DAMN! Can’t we all just get along?

    1. Rather, can’t Apple get off it’s period.

    2. You should be asking that question of Apple.  They are the aggressor.

      But in answer to your question:  Yes, we can get along.  As soon as either (A) Apple dies, or (B) Apple decides that the smartphone and tablet markets are not God’s gift exclusively to Apple.

  6. no surprise there

  7. I f’in hate Apple.

  8. OMG wtf. Apple cries like babies and samsung should have changed it more. Like two little 5 year olds fighting over art.

  9. Does anyone have an email address that goes directly to someone besides a customer service person at Apple?

    1. steve @

    2. joe @

  10. Oh c’mon Apple, now you’re being deliberately touchy. Or queasy. Or scrupulous. Actually, everything.

  11. I dont much pay attention to the Samsung tablet but man when I first glanced at the above image my first thought was that the top Samsung was an Ipad. 
    Samsung drew a line in the sand and tried to piss on Apple. Now the android fanboys are all butt hurt because Apple pisses back?
    I would love to see how some of you would react if you created something and than someone ripped it off.

    1. you actually thought the tablet at the top with the extended frame around the screen, front facing speakers, no physical buttons and says “SAMSUNG” right on it looked like an iPad which doesn’t have an extended border around the glass, no front facing speakers, has a circular button on the front and has no writing or branding on the front?

      Why? because it’s rectangular tablet? Meh, I’ve had numerous people at work ask me “Is that the new iPAD?” when they see me using my Dell Streak so………x_O lmao

      Imagine if headphone or speaker companies started suing one another….. because someone elses product looks like speakers or headphones too……..

      1. I take it you don’t know what the word glance means.

        1. Oh, I know what it means. At first glance I thought the bottom Galaxy Tab was an iPad and had to do a double take..  but def not the top one ;) LMAO
          If anyone should be complaing that the remodel looks like their tablet it should be HTC.

        2. The main contention from apple is that consumers would be confused and buy the samsung product thinking it’s an ipad. But if you look at it for more than a glance, there should be no issue. For as much as apple has jammed the bitten apple logo down everyone’s throats in commercials and print, if someone buys a galaxy tab thinking it’s an ipad, with the word samsung on it instead of the aforementioned apple logo, they’re probably too stupid to work one. I would seriously hope that if you’re dropping over $400 on a device, that you’d give it more than a glance before handing over your money.

        3. When I glance at the direction of an Apple product, I see an overpriced and underclassed huge pile of shit in a goatee.

          I don’t see goatees or piles of shit suing Apple though.

      2. 9 out of 10 people believe that their ipad have widgets like samsung galaxy tab 10.1

    2.  Apparently potential Apple customers can’t read or that is what we’re being led to believe. What a pile of dogs**t!

      1. You are too easy John. It’s so easy sometimes in this forum it losses its luster

        1. I’m not surprised you had zero to say. Logic is like kryptonite to Apple fanboys.

          1. You should see the notification bar on my iPhone…way better than your Android

          2. Nice, how are those widgets working out for you?

          3. Apple Fan: Hey Andy fans!  Meet my new iPhone!  Same as the last iPhone!  But look!  We fixed the antenna, but still suck for a closed OS!  Wait!  Don’t go!  My phone still is relevant!  Zombie Steve says that my fruity phone and tablet (which is basically the same as the last tablet) is ‘magical’!

            Andy fan: [whispering to another Andy fan] :  I can’t believe that in the middle of his rant, he didn’t notice the ‘kick me’ sign on his ass!

          4. Android Fan: Hey Appy fans! Meet my new Android phone! It’s as big as a brick, choc-full of malware, plasticky, and receives TIMELY updates about a YEAR after they have been released! (or sometimes never!) Oh how we LOVE being held hostage for our updates by carriers and OEM’s! And it’s got Iris, the inferior knockoff of Siri! Wonderful!!!

            Appy fan: [whispering to another Appy fan] Is that mold forming on that gingerbread??? Wait…..has that ice cream sandwich melted already???

    3.  Also, who but a complete moron, purchases or even make indept judgements about a product on the ‘first’ glance?

      1. The same complete moron who purchases a Galaxy Tab…

        1.  Only a complete moron replies to a rhetorical question.

          1. Only a complete moron asks stupid rhetorical questions…

          2. LOL! Look up the meaning of ‘a rhetorical question’ before replying dumbass. It only makes you look dumber than you already are.

          3. Still stupid…..but you own an original Galaxy Turd so what do you know….

      2. apple fans

        1. I guess you’re a complete moron for responding to a rhetorical question too…lol!

    4. I think the above image should also have included an iPad.  The aspect ratio would be completely off (one is more of a rectangle, the other is more of a square). 

      The fact that the Samsung lawyer in Australia didn’t know the difference simply meant she never really looked at the two tablets or, more-likely, she just isn’t a techie.  My wife can’t tell the difference between a VW Golf and a same-color Toyota Matrix, but she isn’t a car person.  Based on Apple’s argument, ANY tablet, so long as it’s not purple, could look like the iPad to someone (including Samsung’s lawyer in that example). 

      Holding them far-enough from the user and asking which is which isn’t fair either (all you see is black squares).  Tape some black tape over the iPad’s button, and the Samsung tape in similar spots, and then see how similar they are side by side.

      1. Good points!

      2. How similar they are?

        10.1 = 16:9 wide screen                                iPad2 = 4:3 square screen
        10.1 = no physical home button                     iPad2 = physical home button
        10.1 = camera in landscape mode                  iPad2 = camera in portrait mode
        10.1 = dual surround sound speakers             iPad2 = single speaker
        10.1 = 2 tone white/grey or grey/grey              iPad2 = brushed aluminum
        10.1 = no screen rotation lock button              iPad2 = screen rotation lock button
        10.1 = 3.5mm jack in landscape                     iPad2 = 3.5mm jack in portrait
        10.1 = 2mp rear camera                                 iPad2 = 0.7mp rear camera
        10.1 = 10.1 inch display                                 iPad2 = 9.7 inch display
        10.1 = 1280×800 resolution                             iPad2 = 1024×768
        10.1 = rear camera flash                                 iPad2 = NO camera flash
        10.1 = 256.6×172.9×8.6                                  iPad2 = 241.2×185.7×8.8
        10.1 = 595g                                                   iPad2 = 601g
        10.1 = plastic and glass                                 iPad2 = metal and glass
        10.1 = rounded edges, flat design             ipad2 = wedge shape, tapered edge

        1. Hey, I agree with you…but to someone who is completely non-technical, a black-front tablet is a black-fronted tablet and only has a brief look at the two tablets, from 20 feet away would easily be fooled into thinking they are the same.
          That’s not to say that people’s stupidity is a reason for a court to side with a company that claims a black-fronted tablet is patent infringement.

          1. I think Samsung’s lawyers were just idiots and Apple’s lawyers were deceitful and crooked (ie the doctored photos) so when you combine the two, the results were in apple’s favor.

            Samsung’s Lawyers could have and should have easily argued that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is nothing more than an evolution of Samsung’s own designs of products that were already being sold years before there ever was even a whisper of an iPad. I would have presented the following to the judge:

            2006: Samsung Q1
            2007:Samsung Q2 UMPC
            2008: Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC
            2009: Samsung Q1EX UMPC
            2010: Samsung Galaxy Tab           iPad  4/2010:
            2011: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1    iPad2 3/2011

            add to that mix, the Samsung Picture Frame of 2006 !!!!!!!!!

        2. Thank you, Finally someone who has put up undeniable proof of the differences.  This right here should justify the dropping of all Apple “infringement” lawsuits regarding the 10.1    BLAM!

      3. Except you have to pick it up to purchase it, so when you look at it in hand, it doesn’t look like an iPad.  If you pick up a box with Samsung on it and think it’s an iPad, you need to see an eye doctor.

        1. I know…maybe the judge was a fanboi…but they certainly didn’t feel that way

          1. Personally, I don’t think the judge was a fanboi on either side.  I do think the judge was lacking on being technology minded though.  Seems like they should have given the case to someone with a more technology background, if that even exists.  Holding two tablets up to each other and asking someone at a distance to tell what is what isn’t a good test.  On the other hand, holding up a Samsung box next to an Apple box, it becomes more clear the case was full of a lot of bogus complaints.

            No one in Best Buy was getting them confused the day I was looking at tablets.  Unfortunately the legal system isn’t always built on common sense.

    5. If you thought that was an ipad, then not only are you fucking dumb, but blind as a goddamned bat. 

      1. Well when I am on my iPad no one walks up and says,” hey is that an Android tablet”. Look don’t hate cuz you aren’t rocKKin a cool iPad!

        1. Lol!!! Me neither!!!

          1. Nothing to hate here.  When rocking my tablet?  The response is “Ooh!  What is that?”  No “walkman-like” responses for my tablet.

            BTW:  It’s a Samsung.  Far superior to anything fruity.  ;-)

  12. Apple has lost the battle and I mean Samsung is now EVERYWHERE, LCD screens, touchpads, smart phones, they are taking chunks of what is left from the rotten Apple. The only thing Apple has is its outdated lame patents which eventually be obsolete and put the Apple where it belongs, down the drain! 

  13. @ the ATL guy: If I remember correctly, the main reason Apple won that lawsuit about the Galaxy Tab looking too similar to the iPad is that the pictures Apple used to prove their point were doctored to make them look much more similar in size than they really are. Am I mistaken here?

    1. I wouldn’t say that was the main reason why, but yes. Apple did doctor photos to make them look more similar.

  14. Well Apple has a big stake in tablet market Samsung has so far very little to loose. Samsung would be best off to sell the Galaxy Tab way below iPads (maybe even at Samsung cost) now in the remaining countries. Apple will have to follow or loose huge shares. Not going to argue about copyright on the picture the ipad and the galaxy tab look different a such different as other tablets compare to the ipad, but I’d have to see them both next to each other in person to judge.

  15. good god…

  16. i always wanted an i pad but if apple issue this bitchy might aswell buy android tablet

  17. 1) Nothing says fanboy like profanity…
    2) diagram the sentence and you will see the term “damage” applies to Apple’s market position, not to the company. I really don’t wish them physical harm

    1. LMAO! Ya your right a company isn’t harmed when their,”market position” takes a hit. What was I thinking?

      1. I agree one hundred percent with ATL Guy. When a company wants a monopoly on a market competition tends to damage that possibility. Wake up man.

      2. LOL! ,”monopoly”? LMAO! Jesus this forum has some of THE DUMBEST posters. Is Apple suing other tablet manufacturers?

      3. LOL! You think? It’ll never happen, troll.

  18. HOLY CRAP! i think i found another company steeling ideas from someone else too!!!!

    take a look
    THIS TV (if the screen were off)


    i think sony has a case here against toshiba…. i mean obviously toshiba’s aspect ratio is the same as sony’s as well as the size… i mean HELL they even stole the black plastic TRIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf has this world come to! bunch of damn idea thiefs everywhere!!! (:rolleyes:)

    seriously though, the tablet is about giving as much screen as possible, so of course when two devices that are %99 percent screen are turned off they are going to look pretty damn similar… get a life apple!

  19. Asus transformer prime more smiliar like i”Fuckin”pad than Galaxy tab 10.1 

    maybe the judge is woman was have fucked by steve jobs. oohh noooooo dammit

  20. Maybe Apple will just edit the pictures again and just Photoshop out the metal rim around the tablet so it appears nothing has been changed.

  21. I hope Apple sues the crap out of Samsung…

    1. I hope someone shoots you in the face.

    2. Yes, because a company that patents everything, including the color black (exaggerating, but not by much)  then goes around suing everyone else for using the color black, so that they can keep selling mediocre products at exorbitant prices, deserves to win.  You are absolutely-right for taking their side (and buying said exorbitantly-priced mediocre products).

  22. Wow Apple… you have out done yourself once again… I really hate to say this… but who needs to die next from Apple before they stop being an a**

  23. I know nothing about the law, but why wouldn’t the Samsung team show the physical side by side?  And then compare what Apple says their measurements are to what they actually are?  Does that not make sense? 

  24. @The_ATL_Guy:disqus You have no idea how much I love ARD WORKING people like you

  25. “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas,” Jobs said in an interview for the PBS series “Triumph of the Nerds.”

    1. Look where that got them, power and money scares the smaller companies away.

  26. fuck la apple.. screw you steve jobs! even after u die u still want to bring down android ! fuck! 

  27. These business practices are exactly why I do not support apple and never plan to. The only apple thing I’ve ever had is the Ipod that I got for Christmas one year. I don’t ever plan on using my money to support this kind of business practice.

  28. I still don’t get it why they could rule that a “Normal person” should be able to spot the difference.. If I go buy a car, I can see that 2 cars are not alike, but I dont have a clue about which one is the Ford, and which one is the Opel.. But I can easily spot the difference on the Ipad / Galaxy tab, and that from at least 50 meters… Hope the judges soon sees that Ipad / Galaxy in every aspect I see are different.

  29. Quite disgusting behaviour from Apple as usual. Can we really expect anything different from this despicable company. They don’t want a fair fight judged by consumers due to the risk to their bank balance. The German courts will figure them out, just like the Australians.

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