Futuremark Hopes to Usher in a New Era of Android Benchmarking


Futuremark, a name familiar with most connoisseurs of high-end PC hardware, is looking to make a splash in the mobile market with the announcement that their popular 3DMark series will soon find its way to Android. 3DMark for Android is being designed with an emphasis on providing results relevant to folks interested in gaming on their devices, and cull its results from physics tests, rendering speeds, and CPU analysis. The in-development benchmark software will use real-tim graphics based on the OpenGL API with results compared to other smartphones, tablets, and even Windows 8 PCs.

3DMark, which should become available in 2012, looks to set the bar for smartphone and tablet benchmarks. Futuremark CEO Jukka Makinen says the software will provide a “professional grade benchmark that can be trusted by manufacturers, suppliers and vendors to provide the definitive measure of gaming performance on Android while showcasing the very best in real-time graphics and effects.”

[via Android and Me]

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  1. awesome! been using this on PC for years, this is gonna be great :)

  2. How can i get that ship as my wallpaper?

  3. You know what else would be great? The holiday contest appearing at times that don’t only cater/favor to US residents. I don’t care if it is a creative contest, but when it is first poster wins…then I might as well stop trying to win, since it gets posted when I sleep :S

    But I’m whining too much, so on-topic:
    Very nice and all, but I hardly play games on my phone….now for tablets….hehe…thats where I think this would be great!

    1. My guess is that this WILL also work on Tablets. 
      You heard the news about Android 4.0 ….. developed for both Phones and Tablets?

  4. I would rather they get the old Future Crew together and release Second Reality for Android. :)

  5. It would be nice if phandroid hired a Grammer checker for their articles… Almost all of them today had mistakes :(

    1. Oh, irony…

    2. Agree with you comment I do. I wish there GRAMMAR was gooder!


      1. im vary disappointment on you’re gramar

  6. Glbrnchmark is highly customized for iOS. If done right, this could bring more neutrality.

  7. Real tim graphics is so cool! Lol

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