German Court Leans in Motorola’s Favor in iCloud Infringement Claims, Could Cost Apple $2.7 Billion


Motorola has filed a suit in a German court claiming elements of Apple’s iCloud service infringe upon patents held by company. Namely, the patents concern email and data sync between Apple’s cloud service and their mobile devices. The judge presiding over the case has not come to any ruling for the moment, but seems to be leaning in Motorola’s favor. Apple requested $2.7 billion in collateral should the final verdict agree with Motorola’s initial claims. In the German court system, this collateral is paid by the winning party to defer any lost revenue during the appeals process. Should Apple win an appeal (a stage the case has not even reached), they keep the money to cover damages. If they lose the appeal process, Motorola should see the money back.

The sum may never be placed on the table. The judge questions if Apple would really incur such losses, and believes there are alternative ways to offer the cloud services without infringing on the patents of Motorola. The trail will go to court in February of 2012.

[via Electronista]

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  1. I have no sympathy for Apple losing any lawsuit.

    1. Time for a group “fuck apple”.  Seems the ole fruit bit off more than it could chew or opened up a can of fuck apple lol

  2. Daaaaayum!

  3. “Apple requested $2.7 billion in collateral should the final verdict agree with Motorola’s initial claims”

    Does this make any sense? Shouldn’t it be:

    Motorola requested $2.7 billion in collateral from Apple, should the final verdict agree with Motorola’s initial claims.

    1. I had to read it 5 times, but it does make sense.

      If Motorola wins, Apple will have to shut down the offending service.  Apple wants 2.7 million to be put in escrow in case Apple wins the appeal, and can withdraw from it to make up for lost revenue.

      1. I see…

      2. So how much money did Apple put down for their cases against Samsung?

    2. I too found this confusing. I think it should be the other way around like you suggested.

    3. No Apple is saying that they want Moto to put aside $2.7 Billion incase Moto gets a temp injunction and later after everything is done and the final verdict is read and it is found out that Apple is not infringing.

      Apple is saying that if the finial verdict if no infringing but they’re not allowed to use iCloud service it could cost them $2.7 Billion dollars 

      1. Did Apple have to put any money aside for their ongoing cases with Samsung over the Galaxy tab?

  4. I really hope Apple loses this case.

  5. Yes tear down that company by the means they use to abuse others, karma is a bitch apple.

  6. ROTFL! Helllllllllllllllooooooooooo MOTO!

  7. This is some great news! Apple thought that they can take everone to court because everyone is stealing there ideas. Looks like apple just got rotten!!!

  8. I wish these ridiculous lawsuits would just stop on both ends. It translates into higher costs on products for the end user…

    1. In general, I agree. But . . .

      Tell Apple that.  Tell Microsoft that.  They’re the ones doing it.

      Others are just defending.

      1. Oh come now, plenty of companies are doing it. I can think of Samsung, HTC, now Motorola off the top of my head…. This is not at all limited to Apple and Microsoft and everybody knows it.

        1. sammy, htc n moto are doing so yes, but in retaliation of beeing takin to court to begin with.
          Apple was the one to knock over the first domino.
          Notice how none of the android manufacturers are going after one another?

          1. Takes two to tango. I could give a rip who started it. It doesn’t look like it’s going to cease any time soon and we, the consumers, get to suffer.

          2. That’s the problem… the legal system in most countries are setup so that whomever pushes over the first domino pretty much dictates that those defending have to push back, or else they’re just accepting defeat.

            So, while *YOU* might not give a rip who started it, and while it’s nice to quote happy phrases like “takes two to tango”… the reality of it is, Apple wanted to work out their insecurities in the courtroom, so they’re getting exactly what they’ve asked for.

          3. @ Bob Bigellow
            So Apple started a lawsuit at some point and everyone has to continue suing one another until the end of time? Let’s be realistic. Companies don’t have to cyclically sue one another to keep from admitting defeat or wrongdoing. That is extremely faulty logic my friend.

            Not trying to defend Apple, but it is equally faulty logic to place 100% of the blame on Apple. I realize this is an Android fansite, but sheesh. Not all suites are even Apple related for heaven’s sake!

          4. Saying it takes two to have a lawsuit just makes me facepalm so hard… So if Apple sues Motorola then its partially Motorolas fault if they decide to fight the claim? No one is saying they must continue suing each other until the end of time, but its called fighting back, I mean would you just sit there and take a beating? (For them its PR and wallet wise) and if you haven’t noticed its not a brawl with all companies after anyone, its Android manufacturers VS Apple and Microsoft. And guess who started the war? APPLE. It is 100% Apples fault that all the Apple related patient wars are going on. None of the Android makers were looking to get into legal trouble with Apple. Microsoft kinda just snuck in quietly from behind and stole some money ;)

          5. @ googlelover
            You obviously missed my point. I am not saying that in the sense that you are entering the game when you defend yourself. I am speaking in the sense that these companies are suing each other back and forth hoping that something sticks. I sue you, you sue me. Make sense?

          6. Blow for blow has to start somewhere right? Apple threw the first punch. Nuff said?

            And I understood what you were saying, but how does that make it less of Apples fault? Its what we call counter suing, and if both sides win it ends in cross licensing which means the first company that sued looses out and the company that was sued doesn’t lose anything.

          7. For some reason everyone wants to deal with absolutes in response to my postings. You guys think Apple is the devil. That is perfectly fine. Just because Apple started the first law suite doesn’t mean it has to continue forever. That is a childish way of thinking and it is sad that the system is even allowed to work this way.

            Apple is blatently throwing around its weight in these lawsuits. No argument there. But so are all these other so called “counter suites”, only they aren;t actuall counter suites, they are every other company wanting to grab their piece of the lawsuit pie. It’s ridiculous, unnecessary, and THAT is what stifles innovation.

            This will be my last response here as everyone seems to be trying to dump the blame on a single company when a single company is not to blame here. One company may be blamed more than others, but saying “Apple did this” is a gross overstatement. A more correct statement might be “Apple started this and companies XYZ continue to perpetuate it”.

        2. Oh please… Samsung and HTC did NOT start it. They are just retaliating to the patent trolls of CrApple and Microsloth.

          1. I never made the claim that Samsung or HTC started a thing. They certainly do perpetuate it though.

    1. Now Moto please make a nexus phone around next october so I can be happy

      1. for Verizon(or all carriers)

    2. lol.doesn’t it make sense now why goog-ster bought up motorola?

  9. Guess that’s what happens when you stick your dick into the hornet’s nest too many times.

  10. I hope Motorola goes Thermonuclear on Apple

  11. Good hopefully moto wins and this lessens this crap

  12. This News goes well with Steve Wozniak picking up his Galaxy Nexus

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