Canadian Best Buy Stores to Start Galaxy Nexus Pre-orders on Monday Nov. 21


There may be no indication of when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will come to the United States, but at least one North American country has had a bit more transparency in the lead-up to the first Android 4.0 smartphone’s release. Canada will see the Galaxy Nexus sometime in early December, but pre-orders will be taken at local Best Buy retailers starting on Monday, November 21st. Bell will be the first Canadian carrier to host the device, but other major players have the Galaxy Nexus on the slate for release early next year.

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  1. Getting ridiculous now

  2. There is something seriously effed up if Canada is getting something before the U.S.

    1. But we are so much nicer then you. We also get all SE phones first.

      1. canada lives off of the goodwill of the American people.

        1. Dislike

        2. American people dont have any goodwill, thats why canadians supply all your power, water and oil…. we dont mind babysitting 3rd would USA. lol

          1. One more word and your asses gets nuked. Pussies….

          2. You probably can’t even afford the launch procedure. Broke ass Americans.

          3. You can’t even spell “world.” when its all said and done when every country goes to war USA will be the ones to either beat ya butt or save it, so respect it.

        3. LOL. you fail sir. 

    2. Nope. Its the way it should be.

  3. This is BS. If the UK and Canada get it before the US, I will just buy the Razr.

    1. I bet you won’t.

      1. ya gotta agree. you know damn well you’re going to wait

    2. don’t do it! thats exactly what vzw (the man) wants you to do!

    3. What you should do is switch carriers and buy the HSPA version. I don’t get why anyone pays to be jerked around by Verizon.

    4. Thats the reason why Verizon isn’t releasing it hopefully next year verizon doesn’t get dibs on us carrier

  4. This is ridiculous, I check for updates on release hourly.  Why can’t Big Red just cut the shit and be upfront.  Hate these viral marketing approaches.

    1. ya. wtf (why the face)

      1. This made me LOL.

        Please tell me you got this from Modern Family.

        1. Cubbey.. yes. and I also sleep clown.

          1. God I love Cam. *dies of laughter*

  5. I was really looking forward to the GN, but after having delays and no actual release date at all mentioned by Verizon I think I’m done. That and the $1500 in medical bills I have, that sort of trumps me getting the GN. Welp, here’s hoping T-mobile gets it by the end of the year, I wouldn’t mind that $30 unlimited data plan they have.

  6. VZW is just having fun jerking everyone around at this point…

  7. Is the CDMA or GSM version?

  8. How bout that eh?

  9. Now that’s funny.

  10. Alot of fingers are pointing to a Nov 21st release for vzw….An internal doc turned up this morning…so hey, maybe its right around the corner for us…

    1. Link to the document?

  11. So it was rumored to be a VW Exclusive but now the whole world is going to have it before the usa thats so messed up so much for all these tech blogs reporting this that its not news they just freaking guess or get it from some “secret source” 

  12. I KNOW Verizon Wireless store employees generally know jack crap, and you can’t really trust what they say.

    However, I was in a store yesterday and asked again about the GN.  He said so far there’s been no training for their store and no official word from corporate, but the last he heard it’s being released at the end of December of the beginning of January.

    But like I said – not worth thinking about too much considering the source.

    1. The fact a VZW EE even knows what it’s called is impressive… but ya gotta figure a certain % are phandroidians…

      1. I always feel like I have to explain myself. “Yes, Mr. VZW employee, I actually know what I’m talking about.  I read Phandroid.  And blogs n’ stuff.” 

        Blank stare. 


        1. it’s bad enough that the retail employees know nothing – and it’s so obvious – but what’s REALLY bad and annoying is that they THINK and ACT like they know everything!

  13. I don’t really know a lot about unlocked phones or contract phones in regards to where the money goes. If you get it on contract who gets the 300 bucks? Same with the 650 (or whatever) if you get it off contract? Assuming a CDMA version is available unlocked and the money goes to Samsung instead of VZW, I may go that route. (Also assuming that the 300 goes to VZW and not Samsung). Again, I have no idea how any of that works and where it all ends up. Anyone know?

    1. So Verizon, buys the phone in bulk for probably $500 dollars. They pay this to the manufacturer. In order for Verizon to make some money they do one of two things:

      1. VZ Sells the phone for $300 on contract with a two year commitment. This gives them the ability of making more money month to month on your discounted phone. I pay $84 a month. Probably the lowest amount on Verizon. 24 months of $84 dollars in over $2000. They make a huge profit on that phone.

      2. VZ Sells the phone for $649 without contract and they still make some money on it.

  14. this is hilarious.  entire us is upset.  I will be buying a nexus, and verizon can take its time.  Either I will buy it from them, or I’ll switch to sprint if vzw doesn’t have one sooner than later.

  15. F you Verizon!!

  16. Forget Verizon. Bring it to T-Mobile ASAP please……

    Is that G-Nexus CDMA or GSM ??? Thanks

  17. Does anyone know if Best Buy in Canada is selling unlocked Galaxy Nexus phones?  I live in the Detroit area.  I will just cross the border and buy the phone.  

    I am really disappointed in Google partnering with Verizon.  The phone should been released yesterday or at least had releases dates for all the major U.S. carriers.  Perhaps giving an exclusive to Verizon was a mistake.  They should have been made to release on the International launch date or not get an exclusive.  When the Nexus One was released, Verizon and Sprint were there at launch and said they were going to release a version of the phone in April (which neither did).  Obviously, T-Mobile is the best carrier to do a Nexus launch.  They aren’t control freaks like Verizon (only Apple can out control freak Verizon). 

    My local T-Mobile sales rep said they expect to get the phone in the middle of December.  They think Best Buy will be selling it in the beginning of December.  I hope this information is right.

    Note to Google, let this fiasco of an American launch be a lesson to you.  How could you let your own branded phone in your own country be left behind?

    1. Sad news for you and me.

      I’m also waiting for an unlocked version since I hate contracts and $50+ plans. So I called up my local Best Buy branch and they said that the pre-book thing is for the Bell version with a 3 year term. When I asked about the unlocked version he said that “it won’t be available immediately after the Bell version launch, but after some time”. When I asked what he meant by “some time”, he said “6 months”. I asked him the reason for the delay, and he said “Demand will be high, so we’ll only sell the one which carriers want to be sold”.

      I guess he’s wrong, since it usually doesn’t take this long for Best Buy to start selling unlocked versions. It has taken only a week or two when looking at the history of other Android phones.

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