New NFC Chips Can Be Embedded Into Products To Identify Cheap Knockoffs


I must admit, while at first I wasn’t a fan of NFC — at least not until it takes off in a few more years — the list of cool things you’re able to do with Near Field Communication chips found in smartphones just keeps on growing. We’ve already seen it open doors. Now, these new NFC chips developed by Inside Secure can actually be physically embedded inside a product to guarantee a product is real and not some cheap knockoff.

If a prospective buyer wants to check and verify if those Nikes or Prada bags are real, all they would have to do is place their NFC equipped smartphone against product and whammy! Guaranteed authenticity. Since NFC chips don’t use power and can be placed just about anywhere. From inside the product itself, to the retail packaging. The real world usage of NFC is completely practical and almost limitless.

I can’t even begin to explain how impressive this is. Where I originally thought of NFC as just a quick way to make a quick transaction using your smartphone — this opens up the door for so much more. And just when I thought smartphones couldn’t get any “smarter.”

[Inside Secure via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Yeah, but Prada stuff is already a cheap knock-off of genuine fashion, even if you have the real thing.

    1. LOL! That’s too deep for this late at night ;D

  2. erm… knock-off NFC chips?

    1. hahaha this is hilarious. a company is basically trying to make a business off NFC chips and didn’t realize how easily fake chips could be made. 

  3. theyll just put a fake nfc chip in it.  lol.   and 9 times out of 10 the prospective buyer knows full well its a knock off. if theyre paying 10 quid for a £300 handbag at a market stall then they know exactly what theyre getting..   

  4. I work in logistics for a global pharmaceutical company and we have been using NFC chips in bulk packaging for a few years now to guarantee legitimacy of our products around the world. It’s starting to spread into retail packaging now too for some products in Asia. We expect to roll it out to all products world wide by 2015.

  5. Oh man! If someone came out with a gaming system like ‘Skylanders’, but using NFC, that would be pretty slick!

  6. You don’t always buy a knock off and it’s cheap or have reason to believe it’s fake. Sam’s Club was sued for selling fake Fendi bags and they lost the suit – so people were buying bags “retail” in what they assumed in a reputable establishment and got duped.  I also believe there was some sort of a scandal with Target and Coach fake bags.  A level of consumer protection would be nice.

  7. *Scans handbag* 

    “This is real, dawg, not fake. Fo’ realz!” 

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