Nov 15th, 2011

During a press preview in New York for the upcoming 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (of which Phandroid will be covering) a company called HzO showed off their water-proofing technology that could soon be making its way to a smartphone near you. The way it works is different than you might think. Rather than keep water out, HzO allows water to creep inside and around your phone without doing any damage what-so-ever.

Apparently, HzO uses some kind of nanotechnology that creates a “nano-scale film barrier” with the circuitry, keeping water from doing damage to any of a device’s internals. He demonstrates this by making a call to a pre-treated Galaxy S II dropped into a bowl of water and fully functions as if it never knew that its life was ever in danger.

If you plan on buying a can of HzO and applying it to your Android smartphone, tablets, TV or hair(?), unfortunately the process is a bit more complicated than that. We actually don’t know much as far as pricing or availability goes but what we do know is that Zagg, of Invisible SHIELD fame, is handling the marketing and distributing of a handful devices pre-treated with HzO.

What do you guys think? I’m hoping we’ll see the beginning of OEM’s pre-treating their devices with HzO or something similar, seeing how drownings are the leading cause of death for smartphones each year. We’ll definitely find out more when Phandroid covers next year’s 2012 CES being held in January.

[Via PCWorld]