Lockitron Lets You Use Your Smartphone To Unlock Your Door – Perfect For Crazy Ex’s


Now this is the future, guys. Hate carrying around your keys or digging in your purse to find them? Perhaps you’re at work and need someone to grab something from your home but you don’t have a key to give them? Lockitron is a deadbolt locking system that allows you to send a simple text message or use your NFC equipped smartphone to quickly and easily unlock your door/gate/barn/whatever. No more hiding keys under welcome mats or behind fixtures. You can even send virtual keys to friends or family and give them full or temporary access (perfect for those crazy ex’s). You wont have to replace the locks – just get a new virtual key.

Lockitron is compatible with most standard deadbolts and according to the company, takes less than 15 minutes to install with a simple screw driver. The only requirements include:

  • Broadband internet connection and available ethernet jack on router
  • Ability to place base station with wired internet connection within 10-30 feet of door
  • Wood door – for metal doors, it is recommended that you place a piece of wood, cardboard or rubber between your door and the inside Lockitron unit and place base station 5-10 ft. from your door.
  • Proper door-frame alignment – sagging doors, damaged doors or damaged frames will cause Lockitron to jam when operating

Lockitron isn’t just the future — it’s actually available right now for $300 with no monthly fees for basic service which includes the ability to give out temporary or permanent keys to guests or co-workers from your smartphone or laptop. Text messaging access (for dumbphones) is a premium service. Anyone else think this is pretty freakin’ cool?

[Lockitron via Gizmodo]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I’d hate to be locked out of my house when I get home and my phone is out of battery.

      1. Awesome idea until the first time cable goes out and the internet goes down. 

    1. Charger in car fixes that.

      1. What about the kids and teenagers who don’t have cars and get home walking from school? Smartphones are always running out of battery in the middle of school after heavy use in class.

        1. How about them not using then in class? But if kids don’t have that self-control then

          Extra batterys ( needs phone that you can change battery though)
          charge at school ( if you can use your phone at school you can charge it too)
          Outside outlet to charge long enough to open ( honestly i have multiple outlets outside)

          1. That’s pretty smart. I carry around 3 extra batteries with me and a solar charger all the time. I also carry 5 phone chargers to school so I rent them out to friends and I get money out of it. 

        2. since i have gmails, calendars, talk, voice, plus, facebook, aim, and other apps always synced.. my vibrant goes through 2-3 batteries a day. i’ve gotten used to it.. but it’d be nice to make that 1-2 batteries lol

        3. lol “after heavy use in class” when did cell phones become OK in schools? parents are so stupid nowadays

          1. They’re still not okay with most teachers but I have noticed a lot of people (myself included) texting with one hand under a desk without even looking at their phones. I guess autocorrect keeps being magical. 

            I’ve also seen a lot of 3G/4G Wi-Fi hotspots all around my school for people with iPod Touches to use.

      2. Edit: Opps replied to myself lol
        Also is it just me or does phandroid’s site suck on Android…which i fine funny.

        1. Yeah the pop-up Verizon ad is annoying, and the X to close it out was blocked by something.  Took me a couple tries to get it.  Lose the pop-ups Phandroid.

          1. There are ads on the internet O-o
            lol i kid of course but no really i haven’t seen an ad in like ever. I sometimes forget about them. I was more talking about the formatting for the phone screens and the reply boxes acting wonky for me as well when on my phone.

    2. I’ll assume that it would be smart to keep a back up key just in case your phone is dead.  I certainly would.  

    3. Or when I get out of the house while leaving the phone on the charger. Can’t even get back in to pick it up once you realize it.

      Then again, after looking a little bit more at it, you can still use a good old-fashioned key so I could always fall back on that solution. (For me as well as for the kids with no phones)

  2. I knew this would happen! Very nice lol. Now to use phone to clock in at work

  3. “Lockitron is a deadbolt locking system that allows you to use your send a
    simple text message or NFC equipped smartphone to quickly and easily
    unlock your door/gate/barn/whatever. ”

    nice sentence.

  4. Is it too old fashion to hide a spare key outside your house? I love how people instantly point out the flaws in everything.. On a day to day use this would be cool and if my phone did die I could go through the hassle of digging through my messenger bag to get my key or make sure to grab the house key I keep in my car in case of technical problems. 

    1. great point! I don’t think the video ever suggested this would replace your keys… but simply allow you to share the lock Without sharing the key, pretty nifty, but I agree with you… certainly not intended to replace keys

  5. Nice idea until a few days after people start buying into it and someone figures out the freq of the lock and breaks in your house without much trouble.

    1. Much the same way that they figure out the freq of your garage door?

  6. Surprised no one mentioned the no-key-scratch-on-my-future-Galaxy-Nexus bonus.
    I’m either a lot smarter than all of you or stupid enough to be amazed by the obvious.

  7. Consumer locks are insecure enough as it is. Do we REALLY need to add another attack vector for surreptitious entry?

  8. I wonder how soon until we see a fake rock to hide that spare phone out side so someone can feed the dogs while I’m on vacation. ;)

  9. ROFL just rewatched the video did anyone else see the part where he sends the “key” to a friend and to delete that “key” he had to type KXCD  and then delete? I just found that kinda funny.

  10. ewww they used an iphone in the vid

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