You’ll Want to Get Up Early on Black Friday for These Tablet Deals at Best Buy


Well this is quite possibly the most beautiful Black Friday ad I’ve ever seen. See items 2-4 on the list below? See their prices? How have you not already called off of work yet? For starters, we have the ASUS Transformer – the original – for $250.

While the Prime with its quad core Tegra 3 processor is just about ready to launch, $250 for any Android Honeycomb tablet as good as this one is a deal too good to pass up. We’ve also got the Acer Iconia Tab (7 inch version) for $190 and the Toshiba Thrive for $280.

These are all great tablets for these prices and I have a feeling they won’t last long at all at this prices. Best Buy also has an assortment of phones for free on a new two-year agreement. Take a look at the full list below and try to keep your drool from hitting the floor – I just cleaned it. Doors open at 12am on Black Friday. [via]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I need to go back and find the threads where I predicted exactly this would happen. Lots of OEMs producing very similarly specced tablets means that the ones who are lagging are going to slash prices or have crazy sales.

    Wonder if my parents need a new tablet.

    1. Toshiba is introducing the AT200 so I would think that going forward there should be lots of good deals on the thrive. 
      Ya its clunky but I think that is the BEST tablet at that 279-349ish. 
      I cant imagine that Toshiba will sell many of the thrive once you go into the 400 territory. 
      Even with the Transformer Prime you are talking minimum of $649 with a keyboard! 
      You can find nice laptops at that price. 
      I sometimes wonder what these tablet manufacturers are thinking. 

      1. Actually the ASUS Zenbook UX31 which is similar to the Transformer Prime but a ultrabook, will run you between $1100 and $1500 depending if you want the core i5 or the core i7… and it only lasts 5.5hrs on battery… compare that to the Transformer Prime at $650 with keyboard dock, that is lighter, thinner, stronger, faster, and it lasts 18hrs on battery. Sorry, but the Transformer Prime wins hands down….

        1. I didnt realize this was a contest. 
          How would that win for someone who can pay the same for the prime but than get 20 x’s the storage and get buy just fine?
          I suppose it wins hands down if you need a $1100 laptop. 
          Ok you win. 

          1. That’s because Windowzz requires that storage cause it’s so bloated and inefficient…

          2. is that seriously your response?
            Your joking right?
            I’m surprised you can’t type that big rubber helmet on

        2. do you really think that the Tegra 3 is more powerful/faster than a core i5 or i7?

          You should take a look at this article

          1. On speed you’ll have to account for the bloat of windowzzz. By comparison, Android apps are screaming fast on a Tegra3…

          2. I don’t think he cares based on the lack of maturity in his responses.

  2. Its says something about saving $100 with some sort of 2 year thingy?
    You can head over to HSN and pick up the Thrive 16gb $329.96 

    1. I think you’re right!  It looks sorta like you save $100 with purchase and 2 year activation on Verizon.  Best Buy failure if that’s true.  All of this “buy a computer, get HP Tablet for $150 or buy cell phone and save $100” is crap!

      1. Its kinda confusing without seeing the whole page. 
        Maybe you save an additional $100 so that brings the thrive down to $179?
        My buddy just picked up the Thrive via HSN and says its nice. 
        i am torn a bit….
        Do I want a good tablet at a great price or wait on the next Toshiba or Asus Prime and pay a lot more. 
        Decisions decisions. 

  3. Nice!  I’ll take the thrive for $280.

  4. What about the laptop dock?

    Edit: Looks like the dock will be $100. So $350 for the pair. I think the dock is crucial just for the extra battery power it adds. With minimal bulk.

  5. Funny how the Thrive had Honeycomb 3.2 listed.  Last I checked mine is at 3.1.

    1. maybe you should update it manually.

  6. i’m picking up the iconia tab ( latest version of android AND it’s only 40$ more than the touchpad)

    PS 7 inches is a pro for some of us

  7. Yes, the price requires a 2 Year Verizon Activation.  Best Buy has a 10″ Asus Transformer for $249 as a door buster.  That one has no activation, so presumably it’s WiFi only.

    1. Correction.  The SKU  in the add comes up as the WiFi only model on the ACER.  There’d be no point in buying the Verizon Mobile Hotspot service with it

  8. OMG! I am thinking about getting the original Transformers. BUT Should I get the original or the Prime. 250>>500 or Tegra 3 >>>Dual Core Decisions!!!

  9. Newer tablets are coming in at crazy competative prices now (nowhere near the $600 mark they used to be). I would just as soon wait, personally. Then again, I am happy with my $100 touchpad running CM7 (has its quirks but have had no issues browsing the net which is about all I’d use a tablet for anyway)

  10. Here’s the full add.  For the tablets you’re required to get Verizon Mobile Hotspot for 2 years.

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