“Currently” Delivers Breaking News From Twitter In Easy-to-Read List Format


These days, many people take to Twitter in order to get their news. Think of it as an RSS feed, except with more interaction. Breaking news on Twitter has become big for people who might not otherwise know about certain big stories as soon as they come to light.

“Currently” helps bring all of that breaking news into one application. Of course, you could just as easily make another Twitter account strictly for scoping out breaking news, but why do that when you can just get everything delivered to you by downloading a small app?

It’s quite simple at first glance, but the developers claim that they have sophisticated technology handling all this stuff behind the scenes. Take a look at the feature set below and download the free application in the Android market if this interests you. [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Market link isnt working yo!

  2. this could be a good app as i am using my own personal Twitter account for news :)

  3. Martket link not working, and app cannot be found in market!

    1. Thank you!!!

      1. Very welcome! Just installed. I like it, clean and simple. We’ll see how often the notifications pop up.

    2. Thanks!!

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