DROID RAZR Teardown; How Did Motorola Get It So Thin? [Video]


If you read my review, you’d know I was amazed by how thin the Motorola DROID RAZR was considering all the things you get inside the 4.3 inch package. Thankfully, Motorola knows how to read minds. Or Phandroid reviews. They’ve posted a video showing how they were able to get the RAZR into a 7.1mm thin and light package. Watch the video above if you’re really curious.

If for some reason you wanted Motorola to go deeper than that, iFixIt has posted their teardown of the device. These features show the process of taking it apart and putting it back together in a nice, informative gallery. See just how everything falls into place as if it were still on the manufacturers’ production line. Head over there for the full teardown. [iFixIt]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Such great piece of hardware.. it’s ashamed that Verizon had to ruin it with branding and Motorola had to ruin it with an ugly skin.

    1. Don’t judge by skin…judge by content

      1. oh please.  the skin is 75% of what a phone is judge by and you know it.

        1. It’s also what can make or break a phone  No skin = reliable and easy to use.  Skin = bugs and confusing to use.

          1. Root = fix everything. Hey I winned.


    3. Ugly skin? moto has the best skin nowadays.

    4. Its only a matter of time before some unlucky dude happens to be holding his razr when that “high density slim” battery explodes right next to his face

  2. This what the ads for this phone should be like, not that superspy motorcycle nonsens.

    1. I concur!!!

  3. Your review isn’t available. The URL reads… Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

  4. “Samsung K3PE7E700M-XGC1 4Gb LPDDR2 RAM” … 4gb???

    1. gigabits do not equal gigabytes.

      1. ahh i did not notice that.. good catch.. but even then 4 gigabits = 0.5 gigabytes

        1. Right, so there’s another chip there somewhere… Phone definitely has 1GB of memory.

  5. locked. 

  6. Holy sh$¥!!  Moto (and everyone else) need to stop saying this phone is 7.1mm thin. It is 50% more than that…because a phone is only as thin as its thickess measurement…and that dumb Droid X hump looks so stupid and puts it way over 7.1!!! Why do these idiots keep saying 7.1?? Go find a box that is only 7.1mm thick and watch it NOT fit in that box. My case proven!

  7. Wow that is a cool vid. 
    I guess I can see now that we are headed to non-removable batteries. 
    I sure as shit hope that Google and the OEM’s can do something about battery life. 
    I have the Sensation and a spare battery. 
    I get 4 hours of use. 
    Of course I realize YMMV but I wont stay with Android if a non-removable battery only lasts me 4-6 hours before I need to charge it. 
    That would be VERY VERY inconvenient. 
    As it stands I am about ready to move completely to an Android tablet and just have a very basic phone for calling. 

  8. You know, it’s funny. When Apple did it (the non-removable battery) the same people that are justifying doing this with today’s android devices said it was terrible. I am not going to spout the BS of “Apple was just ahead of their time”, but its curious how many people are so accepting of this non-removable battery design in the razr.

    1. Not everyone. Removable/replaceable battery is the #1 thing I look at with a new phone, and much as I love Android, if they stopped being produced, i’d go to whatever platform had them. 

      1. You took my use of the word “everyone” and took it way too literally. If it helps, replace “everyone” with “most people who fancy Android”. THAT statement you can take absolutely literally. The number one beef android fans have with iPhone (outside of the OS) is the non-removable battery.

        1. And the number one beef I’ve seen from Android users is the non-removable batery on this phone too. And you can bet your ass that the people who marvel at this phone are not the same ones who complains about the non-removable iPhone battery,

          1. There ar eplenty of people, myself included, that happily consider both devices. Now who is the one assuming? I made this statement because there are at least five peple I work with who ripped on the iPhone for having a non-removable battery all of which are considering this phone and have said NOTHING regarding the battery. With the amount of “android is better because their phones allow battery swaps” statements I had seen up to this point, I would think I would hear more than just a small handful of people complaining about the non-removable battery of this phone. That doesn’t seem to case. Again, speaking of MY EXPERIENCES here. If yours are different, fantastic! Doesn’t make you any less wrong or more right!

        2. thats pretty big assumption, sure i’ve heard people complain about the non-removable battery but i don’t think its “the number one beef” other than the OS… there are A LOT of things that push me away from apples phone, the battery is towards the bottom of the list

          1. So name them? I am interested in hearing, honestly.

            By the way, it’s funny how defensive people are getting over this. I use both OS’s pretty much daily and would like to think I don’t have much bias. I am not here to start a war, just saying what I have observed through various forums, including this one.

          2. too small a screen
            lack of 4g
            no SD card slot
            the “you are holding it wrong” factor

            then maybe i will start to complain about a non removable battery.

            EDIT: i just like how you seem to know what the majority wants haha, did you take a poll or something and no removable battery came up #1??? if you didn’t then your just assuming you know what everyone wants (which you don’t because you are not the entity of the majority, your just assuming the majority is like you, which again is a guess as you didn’t really ask many people) anyway, argument over, it was fine, i declare myself the winner, good game, TTYL, +5 internets to Covert_Death

          3. @Covert_Death:disqus  We are talking about majority here though, no? (those are the claims I made.

            Far more android powered phones out there with screens ~3.7 inches than larger ones

            4G doesn’t cover the majority of the market, and very few people are excited about it currently in the grand scheme of things

            I can give you the no SD card slot, although many people find that even without one they do just fine, and we all know some of Google’s own phones lack SD card slots.

            Anyway, not fueling the fire any more with this. You are one person with your own opinions. You don’t quite fit into the majority I speak of, and that is certainly fine. Again, it makes you no less right, or me less wrong. It is what it is.

          4. there are wireless chargers problem solved.

          5. this doesn’t fix any problem, infact it ADDS to the problem list, at least with traditional charging i can sit at my desk and still talk on my phone with the chord hooked up, with wireless charging you can’t use your phone at all.

            the biggest problem with non-removable batteries is the fact that batteries die over repeated use, so this doesn’t help that out at all. if you can’t take it out and put in a brand new one then your battery will slowly lose its ability to hold a full charge.

          6. It depends how you charge your device. If you don’t leave it connected after it’s fully charge, we will be good

    2. Because it’s waterproof

      1. lol, no they’re not. Drop one in a puddle and see what happens.

        1. water repellent inside and out, not waterproof.

  9. Love the haters. Momma needed to teach you to say something nice or keep your damn mouth shut.  This site is getting jerked from my feed as well.

  10. The razor is a winner period.

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