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Though Google has made offers a component of their Shopper app, today a standalone version was released to the Android Market. The app displays offers near your current or selected location and allows you to buy into deals directly via the interface. The app also provides visual receipt, so you should only need flash your phone at applicable businesses to redeem offers. Offers has been slowly expanding its footprint, recently becoming available in cities such as Baltimore and San Diego. Head over to the Android Market to download the new app.

Android Market Link: Google Offers

[via Engadget]

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  1. Major cities only…makes sense i guess…

  2. Groupon, then Living Social, now this!

    MySpace, then Facebook, then Google Plus….way to be third to the party every time Google!

    1. Yahoo then Alta Vista and then Google

      BB then iOS then Android

      Netscape then Internet Explorer then Chrome

      I guess it goes on. Going by this pattern….Playstation then XBox and then ?

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