Google Plans to Release Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code to the AOSP ‘Soon’


Earlier today, Dan Morrill of the Android Team posted a message to the Android Building Google group updating the status of code availability due to recent server downtime. Buried towards the bottom of that post come hopeful words for those still fuming over Google’s neglect in releasing the full Honeycomb source.

“We plan to release the source for the recently-announced Ice Cream Sandwich soon, once it’s available on devices.”

Morrill’s words are music to the ears of ROM developers and Android modders everywhere, and provided the new source is released in a timely fashion it means top-tier software developers such as the CyanogenMod team will have that much more time to craft up some beautiful alternative OS builds for those that love to root their phones and experiment with various software. It should also help to quiet some detractors who claim Android isn’t as open source as Google may claim, but that’s still up for debate.

[via Google Groups | Thanks, Jeremiah!]

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  1. I wonder if it’ll run on my LG GW620. (aka Etna or Eve)


  2. ICS was crafted for 720 devices, i’m sort of afraid to see how it looks on some of the phones onto which it’ll be ported.

    but that won’t stop me from flashing it. i’ll take that risk.

    1. I’m sure it will be fine. It was designed for a certain resolution, but like all the other versions of Android, if App developers know what they’re doing, an app can easily look perfect on any screen size.

      1. The problem seems to be most Android app developers don’t know what they’re doing.

        1. true, despite the fact that keeping an app looking consistent across many devices is very easy to do.

    2. I looked in to the system files from the SDK version of ice cream sandwich. First, there are multiple copies of each element (Icons, shapes, etc.) that are fit for different resolutions.

      Second, I booted it up in an 800×480 environment using the SDK and it is perfectly proportional compared to 720p.

      An example of why it would be so ridiculous to NOT include support for these lower resolutions is that the Nexus S has an 800×480 display and has been confirmed for ICS. Essentially, it will not have to be “ported” as you’re describing it. The source code has/will have the necessary components to make it look exactly the same on different resolutions.

  3. If it runs as smooth as I hope it will on my Original Evo then I may wait even longer to actually upgrade on my line.

    1. I was thinking the same thing until I played with a Galaxy S2 yesterday at a Sprint store. That screen and the smooth performance made me jealous but I’m waiting until the Galaxy Nexus or a future cousin arrives on Sprint since the SGS2 is already half a year old.

    2. OG Evo is EOL. Not likely you’ll see an official upgrade for it. You’ll probably have to wait for Cyanogen to port it.

      1. G1 got Donut after it was EOL, the G2 got Gingerbread right as it was going EOL, the MyTouch/Magic pre-headphone jack even got Froyo long after EOL. HTC does pretty good with supporting EOL hardware… At least on T-Mo. Not sure if Sprint will hold anything up or not.

        1. True, but the Evo got Gingerbread after it went EOL; my point being, I think it can reasonably only expect 1 post-EOL upgrade. I doubt they’ll put the effort into porting ICS to a device now 1½ years old. But I could be wrong.

          Don’t get me wrong, I hope they DO port it over. My brother has an Evo. But I wouldn’t expect that to happen when they have other newer, more high priority devices to port it to.

  4. Can’t wait to use it on my Galaxy S II.

  5. The sooner the better…

  6. Can’t wait to see it on my $99 Touchpad

    1. It will be amazing… I hope they get around to it though. I can see them puting out CM7 for the touchpad, and kinda leaving it at that

      1. Touchpad is/will be an “officially supported” device from the CM team. I think they’ve only ever completely abandoned two devices – the G1 and Mytouch 3g (I could be wrong but I read that the hardware was simply too low-end)

        No doubt this will be on the touchpad. Most likely at the same time as most other devices.

  7. I just hope they can port it to the Incredible. A stock ROM would be awesome, since I plan on only getting stock devices after my current phone.

  8. Bring it!!! I want it on my thunderbolt, rather than buying another phone!

  9. so from the looks of it the source wont be available till the first ICS device is released?

    1. Yes, but that makes sense. And they might even wait 2 more weeks or so, because Andy Rubin said Galaxy Nexus is getting an update 2 weeks later, so they’ll probably open source that version.

  10. I can’t wait to see it on my Samsung Galaxy S II. I’m still waiting for a 2.3.4 update =( (virgin mobile – Canada)

    1. Just flash it to an unbranded international version, because you’ll be waiting for months for a Bell/Virgin update.

      I’m sporting an “official” 2.3.5 (KI4) on the unit I bought from Virgin.

      There is NO hardware difference between the Canadian and international units, even has the same radio chipset and frequencies.

      Same deal with ICS, Bell will delay it at least 3 months from when the international unbranded version is released.

    2. Same here. I wish Bell/Virgin would push an update soon. I know 2.3.4 fixes many bugs and 2.3.5 ROMS for the intl version (wich is identical) have already surfaced.

  11. If anything it will probably look a lot like that nexus s accidently running ics. Since the ns is natively wvga I think it should be fine

  12. Eagerly waiting to breath life back into my EVO 4G! :)

    1. I second that

  13. I can’t wait to see it on my galaxy nexus ! ….. when I get it ….on T-Mobile, whenever that is lol they should’ve called it the nexus prime! I still don’t like that name, galaxy nexus. Doesn’t roll off the tongue right

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