Familiar Easter Egg Hatches from within Ice Cream Sandwich


The cats at Google are a creative bunch. From their brightly decorated offices to innovative software, the tech giant always enjoys a bit of fun, outside-the-box thinking. An example of the sort of characters running the show at Google comes in the for of Easter eggs hidden within the Android code. Gingerbread had a zombie horde running with a cookie and a robot, Honeycomb featured a buzzing bee, and Ice Cream Sandwich features…a buzzing bee. What…? How dare Google release a new version of their Android operating system and fail to include a new Easter egg for us all to find!? Here’s hoping there is more buried somewhere in the source.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. where is this seen for non developers? if normal android users cant see this, i’m sure they dont care

    1. If you go settings > about phone and repeatedly tap on the android version, the photo appears.

      1. “Repetedly”. I did it twice.

        1. That’s repeatedly, technically.

          1. Touche, my friend.

      2. But doesn’t work on Sense :/.

        HTC has no sense of humor.

        1. works on my HTC g2… tard

          1. The G2 doesn’t have sense, dork.

  2. or firmware version

  3. Shouldn’t it be an Ice Cream Sandwich instead of a Buzzing Bee? I’m just asking.

  4. Works even on my hacked transformer. Never knew that, thanks for the tip.

  5. Developers may want to use caution in updating to 14. There appear to be some problems maybe with the ADT plugin and Eclipse. Library builds aren’t working at the moment for some of us.

  6. Ha! I’ve been using android phones for about three years now (incl. rooting, mods etc.) and I never realised this, another reason to love the android gods… they have a sense of humour!

  7. Well they did have an easter egg in the facial unlock screen.
    You could distort the image. Dunno how it was accomplished, but they showed it at All things D or something.

  8. I had to do it like 8 times but never knew.

  9. I myself tried this on an ICS port and got a round Ice Cream Sandwich with black chocolate sauce dripping off of the top and two android antennas sticking out of it.

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