Samsung Facebook Page Says Verizon Will Be Among First to Get Galaxy Nexus, Signup Page Suggests More US Carriers in Future


The moderators of Samsung’s official Facebook page seem to be confirming that Verizon will indeed be among the first wave of carriers to receive the Galaxy Nexus. While everything short of an official press release has still failed to convince some that Verizon will carry the device, we’d say there is enough evidence to suggest the Google and Samsung flagship will land on Big Red’s shores.

Questions still remain about when this will happen and if the Galaxy Nexus will arrive as a Verizon exclusive. The phone’s signup page at the Samsung website lists AT&T, T-Mobile, and even Sprint alongside from Verizon suggesting the phone will eventually make its way to the other big name mobile providers in the States.

[via DroidLife, PocketDroid]

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  1. Just get here already. OG is dying and I need an upgrade.

  2. Better come to Tmobile. First!

  3. I’m no apple fan, but they sure no how to launch a product. Hey Samsung and Google, here’s how it’s done. Announce product > announce price > announce carriers > announce pre-orders > announce release. All in one day. Bam.

    1. indeed, what they did now, looks more like an announcement of ICS with the nexus being a test-phone…..We want global release dates, global prices!!!! GIEF US WHAT WE WANT!!! (which is a free Galaxy Nexus :P)

    2. No arguing that. Wish they would just open the flood gates and let people know what/when to expect.

    3. goddamned endorsed, youareme7. What the hell is happening?!

  4. I’d love to see this on Sprint but is there even a CDMA/EvDO Rev. A version without LTE? I guess they could come with time but I fear that I’ll be waiting until Sprint starts to implement LTE. I would rather give up 4G in any form than have to wait 6-12 months. By then this will no longer be the benchmark.

    Then again, I thought about switching to T-Mo because I wanted the Nexus One so badly when it came out and instead I waited and got the (IMO) superior Evo 5 months later. I guess as the benchmark I should look at this more as a promise of what to expect this year rather than the “must have this minute” phone that I drop everything to buy.

  5. Funny, since “Samsung Janel” later said: “My mistake, no U.S. carrier has been determined yet. Stay tuned for updates.”

  6. This sucks that I still have a year now my tmobile contract… I guess my vibrant will be going on ebay and I will end up paying the different for the full cost… It’s worth it!

    1. Or wait for the inevitable phone on TMo with the same or better specs. Nexus One set the bar for 2010 in January of that year but by the summer there were a bunch of phones on various carriers with the same specs or better. The same thing happened in 2011 with Nexus S and the same will happen with the Galaxy Nexus this year.

      1. No way I’m playing the “update blame game” again. If T-Mobile doesn’t get the Nexus in a reasonable time frame, I’m changing carriers. Wait… that means…. if Sprint doesn’t get it… NOOOO!!!!! I will not go to Verizon! And AT&T … well… might as well just stay on T-Mobile… Free market, yeah right. This is why exclusives suck.

  7. Juuuuunnnnnkkkkkk something “big” is coming….bs. was looking for something revolutionary, not 10month old tech. This should have been a bleeding edge flagship device. Here’s to hoping HTC brings yet another true flagship for VZW.

    1. let me get you a pretty dress to go with your drama queen

    2. Everybody is griping that the hardware should have been better than everything else like it was with the Nexus One at the time. People forget that Google made the N1 partly to push manufacturers to step it up and show what Android can do. Before that, they were happy to stick with low specs because it helped them make more profit. Once Google threatened their profits by doing something new, every manufacturer came out with a 1Ghz phone as soon as they could, sparking a hardware race that has continued. If Google were to put in the best of every type of hardware in development right now, the phone would be too expensive for most people to buy.

      1. Not to mention, they aren’t trying to make money off of selling their own Android devices, they make money using them for advertising and learning what adds to put where. If they made each Nexus a cutting edge tech phone it would cost more and it would severely cut into profits of the phone manufacturers giving them less reason to adopt the platform turning Android into what Apple essentially is made by Google, sold by Google. The point of the Nexus is to launch the new software on current technology and show developers and manufacturers what it can do and what direction they are looking for the platform to head. The only time that Google will make one that is way ahead like the Nexus1 is when the Manufacturers get lazy and stop innovating. Google is one of the biggest fans of innovation in our society and that is why the Nexus1 pushed forward, not to make money for them but to push the manufacturers to continue innovation with each new phone release so they can have an innovation in software and hardware each year.

    3. I hope you die! Seriously, you make android look bad!

  8. Hey, just out of curiosity, could some Phandroidian put together an easy, one-stop table comparing all the stats of the Galaxy Nexus, the Droid RAZR, the HTC Rezound, and any other impending 4G phones? I’m having a heckuva time finding all the info about them–memory and microSD ability, processor types and speeds (including GPU info), screen resolutions, etc.–that I need to decide between them! I know that they’re all supposed to be very similar, and I will certainly play with each one to get hands-on data, but going in to do that I’d love to have some more information about each. That’d be fab–thanks!

    1. There’s a table for Galaxy Nexus and the Droid RAZR at pcworld.com

  9. The latest I will wait to get this on AT&T is Thanksgiving! If it is not out by then, I will move onto something else. It’s pretty lame to release a so called open phone on one network in the US!

    1. The rest of those phones should stay in the closet!

  10. So maybe in carrier store for only VZW the rest of us must go through Google.com or Best Buy

  11. I’m glad I didn’t hop on the GSII and decided to wait it out for the Galaxy Nexus/ICS. Definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I just hope a Sprint version comes out before year’s end.

  12. Just take my money already!

  13. Seriously? Exclusive to Verizon?

    O F that… I am going to look for something else.

    1. Just get someone to ship you an HSPA+ version from overseas.

  14. Uhhh. That’s just a regular guy leaving a comment on Samsung’s wall not Samsung itself. Am I missing something?

    1. Scratch that. Just saw the reply from samsung.

  15. This device has pretty much fallen off my radar once I found out that it appears to have no expandable storage slot and have opted to go the iPhone route with internal storage only.

    With unlimited data fore the most part becoming a thing of the past these days, being forced to use cloud storage for everything isn’t a very logical choice…………..

    1. Let me get this straight, because the Galaxy Nexus has no expandable storage, you have decided to get a phone with no expandable storage?

  16. In case there really are people not believing VZW is carrying this device- I popped into my local VZW store and had my personal (read: that guy that always treats me well and gives me free crap hahaha) rep pull it up on the cellbrite. I saw it, with my own two eyes. Its there and its hopefully coming sooner rather than later.

  17. cant wait for this phone to come out,im kinda glad it comes out in november so i can start saving up now. i am sick and tired of my pos thunderbolt,definitely trading it in

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