LG Etna

Last updated: Sep 7th, 2009.

The LG Etna first appeared at the IFA Trade Fair showing its face but with sparse details:
LG Etna Android Phone

The Etna 3-inch touchscreen, Full slideout QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera, Bluetooth and USB. Details such as launch date, price and further specs are unknown but we'll keep this page up to date!

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LG Makes Etna Official As GW620 [PRESS RELEASE]

Life will soon be good as LG Electronics has made their first Android phone – the rumored LG Etna – official with a press release announcing it as the LG GW620. The GW620 follows the HTC Dream and Motorola CLIQ in its form factor, offering a 3-inch touchscreen with full slideout QWERTY keyboard.Besides a few …

LG Etna Shows Face, Picture, Vodafone-bound (UPDATE)

The Android world is set to have an insane holiday season but LG Electronics has been somewhat missing in action from these discussions. Not any longer – at the IFA Trade Fair the folks at German website Chip Online (translated to English) spotted the company’s first Android Phone – named LG Etna – at the …