Opera Releases Mobile 11.5 and Mini 6.5 Browsers


Opera has just released updates to their Android applications – Opera Mobile 11.5 and Opera Mini 6.5 are now available. This release was unorthodox – they point everyone to to download both browsers. No changelog to speak of, either, so you’ll be taking a shot in the dark by downloading this. If you’re feeling uneasy, just wait until the market release and a changelog. Click the link above to get started. [Twitter]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Got to say, if Opera Mobile had a way to lock orientation and there were more mobile sites that worked well if with it, it would be my favorite browser.

  2. I never really understood the draw to this browser.

    1. It’s the fastest and safest at least.

  3. It’s way better than Firefox. I cannot figure out why Mozilla can do such a good job with a desktop browser and drop the ball entirely with the mobile version.

    Here’s to hoping the stock android browser is improved with ICS. That, or they introduce Chrome mobile.

    1. Firefox is a great browser, but in any iteration, it’s a memory hog, which is why it sucks on a mobile platform.

  4. babadus.On Opera Mini the draw for me is SPEED and also Opera’s compression utilizes less data (with all the data caps these days, it’s useful.)

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