Photos Taken From Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) Show Up on Picasa via Google+


Looks like a good chunk of Googlers have the Nexus Prime in their hand. A couple of photos have been uploaded to Picasa, Google’s image hosting site, through Google+, Google’s social networking site. And you know what? It doesn’t shoot a bad picture at all.

More than the photos themselves, it looks like “Galaxy Nexus” is a strong contender for the device’s retail name as it has been listed as that in the TIFF information. It’s a bit of a stray from the norm, but we really couldn’t care about the name – just give us the phone! Check the photos out here and here. [via AndroidNext] PS: The one below is a sticky note memorial for Steve Jobs at an Apple store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. better than the sgs2?

    1. Hard to tell as those pictures have been compressed and their resolution brought down to 640×480. According to rumors, the Nexus will have lower megapixels than the SGS2, but no word yet about the optics. So unless some tests have been made at the optimal resolution, no one can know for sure.

      1. According to rumors, those rumors are false rumors. The accurate rumors say the false rumors are false. The correct rumor is now the rumor that the rumored camera is rumored to be 8mp, not 5 mp (the false rumor). I hope this rumor clears up your rumor.

  2. Sadly not as good as the 4S…

    1. Wow… Cant say anything else

    2. Becuae you have the 4s and have tank pictures wiht and posted them already right? i must have missed the link where you did that showing the comparison as to why the *4s is better.

    3. Typical iSheep comment showing lack of brain cells, guys let him be with his “cloudy” believes…

      1. I think you mean beliefs…

        1. /burn

          1. lolololololololololololol

    4. The 4S camera Sucks

  3. Inspect element and it is in fact only a 640×480 picture.

  4. ya this is android’s definite weakness — the camera. obviously it’s a well-known issue, but i really wish they’d address it a bit more

    1. The camera isn’t a weakness of Android as it’s the hardware that does most of the job. Lower-quality cameras is a choice of the manufacturers and not inherent to the OS. You also have to realize that these pictures have been compressed when uploaded to G+, just like when you put a photo on Facebook.

      1. Ah, yes correct. I should’ve been more specific. I do know it’s the hardware. I was was generalizing it into that single word
        (but ya..i gotcha. thx for pointing that out)

      2. Yes – Samsung image sensors are cold, cold, cold.

        Is there a good app that will make the photos look like they were taken with a Canon sensor?

    2. Stock android yes skinned noooo. Samsung and especially HTC has great camera firmware I like HTC because of the many features you can use while taking the pic

  5. Guys, realize that these were also uploaded to G+. When you upload pictures via G+ it compresses them. I’ve had excellent pictures look mediocre after the compression

    1. Thanks for the info. I was starting to worry about the 2048×1536 pixel resolution.

  6. Now the 4S has the best camera ever…
    God please… give us a break.

    1. That’s cause it was made by Sony and was released a year ago in the Arc!

  7. Chris Yerga just took the photo off of his Google+ page. A few people commented earlier asking about the Nexus…. The guy who took the photo is an engineer for Google! Wonder if higher-ups asked him to take it down.

  8. as it say in the article:
    “The pictures are both on 8 October came and each of 3 MP size. The latter could be explained by the fact that the size was reduced when either upload via Google + app automatically or simply phone in a lower resolution was set as the maximum possible.”

  9. … and … they’re gone!

  10. Anyone that buys a phone for the camera is a fool. A real estate on a phone cannot replace the sensor sizes of a camera pure and simple. All a phone camera is good for is that quick, unexpected shot when a camera is not available.

    1. The best camera is… the one you have with you. So they say.

      1. And that’s why I always have my dslr with me. ;) (Seriously, I do.)

      2. Not “they”

        Photographer Chase Jarvis.

    2. in the time it takes to deploy and fire up my nikon, i can shoot, upload and have my phone back in my pocket. except for staged photography, a phone camera is enough.

    3. You’re a fool if you think a good camera isn’t important on a mobile phone. The point of smartphones is to cut down on the many devices we carry. Some camera phones are on par with that of digital camera’s I remember my moto zine from back in the day that thing took great quality pictures thanks to kodak

      1. “Some camera phones are on par with that of digital camera’s”

        Correction, that should read some camera phones are on par with crappy p&s cameras. Unless someone figures out how to stick the same size sensor of a decent P&S into a phone, they will never be on par, ever. The physics just aren’t there. It’s like taking a smaller version of a F1 engine and sticking it into a SUV and saying they will be on par with each other.

    4. Anyone that thinks one that a person cannot be interested in the phone on a camera without buying it specifically for the phone is a fool. I have a dslr, but to think most people have their dslr with them all of the tome is ….well. foolish.

  11. Yup, that didn’t last long. Damnit!

  12. Why, oh why did you strip the pics of their original exif tags? Please post the pics in their original format, or at least take a screenshot of the exif info. I’m tempted to call shenanigans.

  13. Cmon guys…. I love android I have a n1 and I want the new galaxy nexus in my hands. But… honestly….
    you cannot compare those pictures with the iphone 4s one…
    Do you? Hope those are fakes

  14. Aren’t the 4S pics people keep referring to taken in brightly lit areas? These look to have been taken in low-light areas (indoors and shadows). They don’t seem that bad to me.

  15. A 8-12 megapixel camera’s are not needed on a smartphone.

    1. Neither is the android os but thats what makes our smartphones enjoyable. If you wanna talk about need and phones just throw away your smartphone already and get a johns phone. Hell don’t even buy a phone write your friends email your family, do all that, smartphones are made to make our lives easier and fun not for need based reasons.

      1. Calm down buddy

  16. I have seen excellent pictures taken with phones and horrible ones taken with DSLR. It’s really depending on the person who uses the equipment.

  17. Love that rack

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