HTC Schedules September 20th Media Event, What Will they Showcase?


HTC is sending out invites for a September 20th press event, though they are keeping their lips sealed as to what we might see on show in NYC come that date. With the Titan and Radar, both Windows Phone 7 devices, unveiled at an event earlier this month, the only big device’s HTC has left on their slate are of the Android variety. The HTC Vigor makes sense, as it is expected to be launching sometime in October and could be the debut handset featuring Beats audio integration. But, as BGR points out, there is a possibility we could see a somewhat less exciting device in the HTC Bliss. The invite asks us to “celebrate in style” and the event takes place within days of New York’s Fashion Week — obvious connections can be drawn to the rumored female target audience of the Bliss. We’ll be bringing you the up to the minute coverage, so no matter what is on display we’ll have any news and announcements on lock.

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  1. VIGOR!

  2. I want my Vigor!!!

  3. hopefully it’s a surprise announcement that htc is the one making the n3, not samsung. (a man can dream, can’t he?)

  4. Hopefully its more exciting than their last announcement… “Hey everyone, we’re jumping on the extremely crowded ‘beats by dre’ bandwagon!!!!”

    Terrible sounding, overpriced headphones FTL.

  5. HTC!
    Large HD 1280*720 superscreen, 8Mp 1080p cam, premium quality Beats sound, premium aluminum body, polished unique design, sleek HTC SENSE 3.5!
    …what if Android 4 ICS, covered by HTC SENSE 4!!!!
    I’m in, no doubts.

  6. I’d like to celebrate the HTC Holiday I see the celebration/holiday connection anyone else?

  7. How about along with the vigor they announce an WiFi version of the Jetstream!

    1. for under $600.

      1. For under $400…

  8. Well, if Phandroid got an invite, its definitely Android related.

    Rhyme/Bliss is rumored for September 29th according to that leaked Verizon roadmap, it would also be a perfect time to announce the Vigor seeing that would be a few weeks after the press date.

    and after Vigor passed through the FCC as of today, and now HTC is sending out invites, timing is a little suspicious, :)

  9. Phandroid didn’t get an invite. Its an article I tipped them off to from CNET and they reposted it here… I also hope to see a Vigor announcement though. That’s why I thought it would be news worthy.

    1. How do YOU know they didn’t get an invite, besides, why does it matter. It is a news update…

  10. Windows Phones

  11. Is Vigor the name it will have??

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