Guy Turns His Love for Android Into a Tattoo [Video]


Think you love Android more than this guy? Guess again. In a video about brand loyalty, a narrator backdrops the scene of a Phandroid reader named Steve who loves Android so much that he’s willing to get it tattooed on his leg. It’s a real tattoo, too – no rub on here. Our mascot is highly detailed and looks to be cruising on a skateboard, something I’m sure many Cyanogen users have seen time and time again. I say kudos to Steve and the awesome tattooist who got Andy down perfectly. Check the video out above! [The Brand Show, Thanks Steve!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I have a Coke bottle and an Android tattoo… This guy is late to the party…

    1. why not post it or give it to the phandroid guys to post?

    2. Does the coke bottle tat look like it’s going into Andys arse? Now that would be cool!

  2. See, that’s the thing… as much as I love Android… I never really thought the Android mascot was a particularly good one. It looks kinda dumb. And now this guy’s stuck with it. Hope he enjoys it.

    1. ^ what a dumb comment…obviously the guy is stuck with it because he does enjoy it….derrp

  3. I have a skull andy tattoo on my leg as well. James was right this guy is late to the party.

    1. I’d like to see a picture of that!

  4. Tiffy Fone did it first! :P

  5. Wow.
    Now he has a tattoo of a green penis with antennas on his leg.

  6. i hope he enjoys it, because when he gets older it will look dumb

    1. Well at least he didn’t get a WebOS tattoo a month ago. Man he’d really of been looking dumb…

  7. I never get a tattoo that I feel that I can not live with for the rest of my life. And I would think others feel the same way.

    If you run into a person with tattoo’s that they didn’t want… call the cops!

  8. This is like getting the Pepsi logo of the 80’s on your leg. Things change, especially in the tech world. That logo will be outdated and in 10 years no one will remember.

    1. Actually that would be pretty cool to have an old pepsi tat. I’m a coke man myself but still love the older pepsi logo.

  9. At least it will surely outlast the guy that tatooed a Zune logo on his arm!

  10. I’m not a big fan of Andy as a tattoo, if I was to get a Android related tattoo it would be the supperuser logo.

  11. I feel sorry for those with android tatoos. Poor judgement.

  12. had mine for almost a year now…..android rocks!

  13. Does that look like the Sprint center in Kansas City at the end of the video to anyone else?

    1. It is the Sprint Center, Steve lives in NKC

  14. Hey thats the Sprint Center!! KC baby!

    1. Man I miss the Sprint Center.

  15. Been rocking my Dandy Andy tattie for a hot minute now. But, better late than never. I did enjoy the narrated video though,cheers.

  16. Well, Steve rocks…he turned his love for technology and skating into a piece of art. And if I know Steve like I know Steve (and I know Steve :), he never regrets anything he believes in-regardless of when he shows up to the party.

  17. I got mine months ago, 3 androids skateboarding. I used to skate so its kind of a reminder to my younger days and my present love of android. To those commenting how dumb it is or being stuck with something inked on their body, typically people who get a tattoo do it, wait for it….. THEMSELVES… I really could care less what others think or say about my ink, but if its positive then I’m happy to hear it and thank them for their kind words. When I’m 60 or 90 or whatever, I can look on my ink and not feel regret but joy over a time in my life, if not what the tattoo stands for but when I got it and the things/people surrounding me during that time.

    Seriously, nobody cares if you would regret it, that is obviously why you don’t have it… carry on with your tramp stamps of unicorns frollicking through a field of flowers and butterflies, I’ll rock my skateboarding androids.

    1. Exactly! That is why I got it as well. I continued skating well into my 40’s before having an issue with herniated disks. Even if I get an iPhone 5 next month I will still love my Android phone and use it in tandem. I am an IT Manager for Apple products and have a dual love affair going on. BTW, my forearm ink is of Jack and Sally from the nightmare before christmas, and trust me I will never regret any of my ink. As you put it they are all a reminder of time and place in my life.

  18. I think it’s kinda cool…. But then again, it’s no shocker for those who know me. One of my tattooes is my nickname tattooed on my upper left arm, written with signes taken from the sci-fi series FarScape :)
    Good for him :)

    1. Wait, you got douche bag tattooed on your arm? Bad ass!

  19. it used to be the way to stand out and be unique was to get a tattoo. now the way to stand out and be unique is not to have any tattoos.

    i like what this guy said –

    Interviewer: Why don’t you have any tattoos?

    Dave Mustaine: “Never, you don’t put a bumper sticker on Mercedes-Benz. I’ve always been the antithesis of what’s popular. If you can go into a library and the girl in there has her nipples pierced and chained together with a bunch of shrunken heads hanging off her eyebrow, then it’s gotten pretty boring. If I go into the hospital and the doctor has a face tattoo and a goatee I’m out of there. I have nothing against people who have tattoos I think body art is beautiful in fact a full page of the Megadeth website is devoted to people with body art. But for me I’m 42 so if I had a tattoo, a couple of decades from now it’s going to be a purple lump on my ass.”

    1. “it used to be the way to stand out and be unique was to get a tattoo. now the way to stand out and be unique is not to have any tattoos.”

      Or you can stand out and be unique by not giving a shit whether or not you stand out or are unique, and by not worrying what other people do with their bodies.

      1. i’m not worried. but i can’t help but look and laugh at all of the wannabes covered in tattoos that think they’re special. and i’m entitled to my opinion which is tattoos = trash.

  20. How stupid can u be …the Guy probably owns an iPhone.

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