HTC Vigor Passes the FCC With LTE Radios Inside


One of our AndroidForums.com members DROIDAV8R has been snooping around the FCC and noticed that one PH98100 – the HTC Vigor – has made a stop. I can’t seem to download .PDF files there right now (they’re all coming up as HTML files, but our tipster says he saw mention of Verizon’s 4G LTE radios inside. It would seem about right for a phone that’s rumored to be on the high end of the spectrum.

We’re getting a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, an 8 megapixel HD camera and a rumored 4.3 inch 1280×720 display. Can’t say I wouldn’t mind having this phone in my arsenal. With today’s approval, we’re probably primed for an October release – hopefully sometime in the earlier parts of the month. [via AndroidForums.com]

The Vigor just appeared on the FCC’s Equipment Authorization web site. LTE is now confirmed. The direct URL won’t copy correctly for some reason. Go to:

OET — FCC ID Search

Grantee Code = NM8 (HTC’s FCC ID)

Product Code = PH98100

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  1. hope it’s the new 28nm chip.. that’s the one thing that would make me think twice about the prime.

    1. There is no chance it’s new 28nm S4 snapdragon. It’s sampling in Q4. So it must be S3 dual snapdragon plus LTE, which means another battery disaster from HTC might happen again.

      1. Dreamcrusher! :’-(

        1. Everyone seems to ignore the fact that HTC dual core phones have great battery life. Check reviews like Anandtech. Sure the Thunderbolt/Desire HD had horrific life, they were EOL single core phones with watch batteries in them. Quick spewing disinformation like a dumbass.

  2. That seals it–this phone will be mine next month. A worthy successor to my DInc.

  3. Happy birthday to me! I just broke my phones screen and am holding off until this one comes out the week before my birthday. Best present ever? I think so.

  4. This is the only phone that would make me stray from the Prime

  5. Wonder how the battery will be since it is an htc and they have a pretty bad rep in that department. Hopefully they learned from the thunderbolt.

    1. “Hopefully they learned from the thunderbolt.”

      Before that people were saying “Hopefully they learned from the evo.”

      1. And the EVO 3d got better battery life. Lte was a pretty new technology so you can’t compare it to the evo in terms of performance. LTE drains alot of battery not like they had any other lte phones before the tb.

  6. Vigor please!

  7. I am so ready for the Vigor it’s crazy… This will be my next phone…

  8. Has it been rumored what processor the Vigor will have?

  9. I have the Thunderbolt and I will get this phone if it has a HDMI out. If not I’ll wait for vzw to get a new Samsung phone.

  10. Anyone else notice that the confidentiality end date is 12/31/11? Seems like possibly a holiday release, but usually those are up before the product is out, so who knows…

    1. Actually, I believe that you are incorrect. Historically, at least with HTC, confidentiality expires months after a handset launches. For example, the Incredible was released at the end of April, 2010, and IIRC, the confidential portion of the relevant FCC submission did not become public until August, 2010. The fact that Vigor cleared the FCC today, and that confidentiality expires at the end of December fully supports an early October launch.

  11. This is what the sensation should have been. I’m sick of HTC releasing a new phone every second month.

  12. Eat your heart out Evo3D users!!! Woo Hoo!!

  13. Want want want!!!! I’m still rocking my incredible and my hubby just upgraded to the bionic. Can you say SCREEN ENVY?!?!!? can’t wait!

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