Nvidia CEO Confirms Quad-core Android Tablets Coming By The End Of The Year


In an interview with Forbes, NVIDIA’s CEO and president Jen-Hsun Huang confirmed rumors that Nvidia’s much hyped quad-core “Kal-El” Tegra 3 processor would indeed be running in tablets before the end of the year. Just like in the dual-core race, this will once again allow Nvidia to claim “firsties,” making them first on the market with a quad-core chipset. This should keep them ahead of rivals like Qualcomm who isn’t expected to deliver a similar quad-core processor until late this year or early next.

If you were one of those not swayed by current generation dual-core smartphones and waiting patiently for a quad-core this year, you may want to reconsider. Originally, Nvidia predicted they would have a quad-core phone in 2011 but Huang indicated there were only quad-core tablets in the works for this year. Sorry, guys. Who’s ready for a quad-core, Ice Cream Sandwich tablet!?

[Via BGR]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I will be more than happy to wait for a nice quad core tablet.

    1. I’m just hoping this means the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be >$250 due to “better” tablets, hardware wise, out there.

      1. We are dreaming for the same thing. I would easily buy a 7.7 tab for reading all the articles required in my class. Many complain about the backlit lcd hurting their eyes, but it seems to be less of a problem for me.

  2. Aha! Thank god I lost the auction for that Galaxy Tab 10.1

    As a side note, and I know this is about as uncredible as it gets, but a friend’s father (vice president of a public sector software organization) hinted that a Xoom 2 may very well release/be announced this fall. Just a rumor to throw in ;]

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  3. I was hoping for a quad-core phone but the Nexus Prime should be good enough. And maybe a quad-core tablet whenever I feel the need for one.

    1. Why a quad-core phone, let alone tablet?

      There are few apps that even make use of the Tegra 2.

      Quad core on a phone would be completely pointless.

      1. I’m a power-user.

        1. I have a Thunderbolt 1GhZ single-core, and I cannot make it slow enough to where I would want to upgrade to even a dual-core.

          I also had a tegra 2 tablet, and that thing NEVER lagged..

          Not sure what kind of apps you use though… hah

      2. Emulators. Nuff said. And it’s not illegal if you actually own the game.

        And it’ll be a nice gimmick. Kinda like why some people bought a DSi when there wasn’t even a game that used it.

        AAAnd if you still have a phone like the G2, which can be over-clocked pretty high, you can get the latest phone instead of a previous phone. Keep yourself high in the game.

      3. There’s also the fact that, if you buy a more powerful device, you can keep up with new OS releases for longer. (Especially true if you’re a custom rom user, as developers will keep going long after the OEM stops releasing updates).

      4. I want a quad core to replace my laptop. After finally seeing a company produce my dream setup: a powerful phone that powers a tablet or a laptop, I am more than ready for a phone that can truly handle all that screen real estate and function smoothly.

  4. Sounds awesome. All these phones keep coming out. I just hope by time my G2 contract expires next Oct 2012, a nice qwerty phone is out. The MyTouch 4G slide is nice though. Heh heh… That’s what I’m really waiting for.

    Though Quad-tablet is what I’m really wanting. I’d prefer my tablet to be WAY better than my phone, or it’ll be like the iPad compared to the iPhone 4, when the iPhone 4 was clearly better. :P

  5. I was considering purchasing a Asus Transformer, but I guess it’s worth waiting until the second one comes out now.

  6. The rumor mill had the tabs coming out in August, still better late than never, at five times as powerful as a dual core eg. a dozen graphics cores. Can’t use all that power, give me a break, my pc has a quad cpu, 16 gpu and I still want more. A heavy drain on speed may be RAM, at ddr 2 on our smartphone’s, that’s 5 times as slow as the ddr 3 on my pc, and 25 times slower than gddr 6 on some graphics cards. In 3 years time, they plan to be 20 times faster than quads, I project at least 4 Bn UD 3D tabs by 2018, 90% of Chinese and Indian villages have mobile signal, youth literacy in India is 85%, in the 90’s for Chinese. 950 million mobiles in China, 45% of Australian’s have smartphones. Oz invented Wi Fi and hundreds of millions of people have 4g like performance, for a fraction of the price.

    1. See, a tablet is not a full computer though. There are NO apps that use enough power to slow anything down. On computers you have full-blown programs like Garage band, Adobe Suite, and others.

  7. This is exactly the news I’ve been waiting to hear.

  8. This “irritates” me. I don’t see the need for Quad-Core. My A500 is a dual core and it runs perfectly. And i now i feel a little dooped because i just got it 2 months ago and its already about to be “Outdated”.

    1. That’s the life of a tech fan. You should’ve been aware of this cruel cruel cycle already.

    2. Don’t be irritated Jason, if you like what you have (which you must if you bought it) just enjoy it. I used to drive myself so crazy trying to have the latest thing that I forgot to enjoy the amazing tech that was sitting right in front of me. The way i look at it now is, the less I stress over what i don’t have the longer I live, if I live longer I’ll be be able to see more of the future tech toys lol.

    3. Surely, if you don’t see the need for quad core then it should irrate you and you shouldn’t feel it’s already outdated. The obvious benefit to quad core is the extra 2 cores and the processing power that comes with it. However, this is not the reason why I’ve been holding out for the quad cores. The quad core chips (specifically kal-el) will have much better video/audio decoding than the Tegra 2 chips. They’ll also consume much less power which means extended battery life. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything to warrant the extra processing power that comes with it.

    4. I myself have the A500 and agree that it runs perfect, I find it to be extremely responsive and gaming is fantastic. It can be frustrating sometimes when new tablets come out and outdates your “new” tablet, but I promise when the quad core tablets do hit the market our A500’s will still run perfect and new apps and games will still come out for a long time.

  9. Yeah this guy also said quad core tablets would be out in August…

    1. Tell me about it. I was hoping to pick up a tablet the size of the Tab 10.1 with a quad core chip before Xmas but now it seems like it won’t happen until 2012.

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