Pocket League Story Now Available In The Android Market


Kairosoft, the creators behind such hit titles as Game Dev Story, Grand Prix Story and Hot Springs Story are at it again! This time with — you guessed it another “Story” game. This one is called Pocket League Story and the game follows the same premise as the rest of Kairosoft’s simulation titles. In an attempt for ultimate soccer stardom, you have full control of a soccer team managing everything from handpicking the players, selling merchandise, erecting a stadium for your team and gaining the world’s hottest sponsors.

I’m getting stressed out already. If you’re familiar with Kairosoft’s other Story titles and simulation gaming is your kinda thing, you may want to pick this one up. It’s available fresh from the Android Market for $5.18.

[Market Link]

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  1. I bought their Game Dev game, but I think $5 is a bit to much for this even though I’m interested. The games (or at least Game Dev) doesn’t have much replay value after you get to a certain point).

    1. Yeah, I’ve always felt $4 was my limit. Apparently these “Story” games do well though..

      1. actually their games were sold cheaper a while ago. they are actually being sold at 400yens and being that the conversion rate of usd to yen, that’s why it’s at $5. i’m gonna hold out for a while ’cause everytime they release a game, they’d put a discount on their older games.

  2. Game Developers Story is my favorite Android game by far….Anyone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s can appreciate the video game humor and history in the game :-) …I haven’t played any of the other games but they are bound to be fun as well.

  3. i bought game dev story and hot spring already… i finished in 2 days… no way i am spending 6$ for their game again.

    1. That’s cus unlike normal people you were at it non stop for 48hours

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