T-Mobile Galaxy S II Shows Up On Official Samsung Site


Samsung has finally added the T-Mobile Galaxy S II (SGH-T989) to their smartphone listings on their official site today. If you were hoping to get some more “official” insight on the device — like the official name, which processor it will be using or if it will be compatible with HSPA+ 42Mbs — once again, those finer details were left out. What you do get to see some shiny new pics of the device from the front and side but unfortunately, still no back shots (my personal favorite). Check ’em out!


Chris Chavez
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  1. Couldn’t come soon enough…

    1. Couldn’t come soon enough? It’s coming so late that there are far better devices just around the corner :/

      1. The only device that is gonna be better is a nexus so what the fudge are you talking about?

  2. Looks like a very nice phone.

  3. Was going to be my new phone after the Nexus One but it didn’t come soon enough. The Nexus Prime will be my new phoney. :-D

  4. I wonder if they’re leaving said information omitted because it’s not as good as the default galaxy s 2? Eg lower ghz processor, less ram, etc.?

    1. highly doubt it’s due to lower specs

    2. I suspect the radios do not work with AT&T. Or not with T-mobile 4G. That’s what I want to find out about the product – will it work Internationally, and with AT&T?

  5. Hmm… 4.5 inch screen? Uh…? No… 4.3 pushes the line, and I seen a 4.5 inch. That thing is like a portable TV screen. I don’t think so. Sorry… I’ll wait for my 4 inch qwerty version to come out. Though I wouldn’t mind being a hypocrite and pick up the Nexus Prime.

    1. for you maybe.

  6. Um, didn’t sensor already confirm the 1.2ghz exynos cpu for this phone during the galaxy s2 event last week? The only things we need to know is what radio and when? Doesn’t matter to be though, I’m switching and getting sprints version

  7. 4″ is pushing it but 4.5″ is too big. Nice phone but I’m happy my Galaxy S 4g.

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