Samsung Voluntarily Removes Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA Show Floor


We know a German court’s decision to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in parts of Europe effects the sale of Samsung devices, but would you believe it could also cause the company to pull the new Galaxy Tab 7.7 from its display at IFA, where it was formally unveiled. That is exactly what happened, though Samsung says it made the move voluntarily out of respect for the ruling handed down by a the District Court in Dusseldorf on September 2nd. While we assume Samsung still has plans for the new tablet, which looked mighty fine with its large Super AMOLED Plus display, current legal battles are making it difficult to know for sure when we might see its release.

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  1. I’m looking more at the galaxy Note myself. I’d really REALLY like to get a Honeycomb tablet…but Verizon won’t let me keep my unlimited data unless I upgrade to a smartphone. Perhaps the Note would be my loophole.

  2. … the 7.7 has a super amoled plus screen, is *pple scared about this feature?

  3. I think Apple is just scared of the competition. Also I believe that sales will never get out right banned for the long time. I believe even Apple knows this. Its a stall tactic. That way they can get the Ipad2 sales way ahead of the game that way no one else can catch up since people already have a tablet. They know they are loosing ground when it comes to Android. I wont say Apple didnt make a good product cause they did but you cant just make one and not change much and hope to hold the market. The “If I can’t beat them, sue them” attitude is just dumb though

  4. I Love my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, it is an ipad2 killer in my opinion.

  5. i already got my 10.1 and loving it too, it helps when im still sportin the OG droid (running CM atleast)

    must wait for NP on verizon….must…

  6. samsung is to much of a copy cat.

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