Sense 3.5 Ported to the HTC Desire HD


HTC’s new Sense 3.5 is looking pretty nice, but unfortunately we aren’t quite sure when the first device baring the new Android skin will hit shelves. Luckily for owners of the HTC Desire HD, if flashing custom ROMs is your thing you know have access to the bran new version of Sense on your device. Once again thanks to the industrious folk over at XDA-Developers, a version of Sense 3.5 has been pulled from the software files of the HTC Bliss and tweaked to run on top of Android 2.3.4 on the Desire HD. There are still some notable bugs, such as a lack of Bluetooth support, but if you want to be the first on the block to rock the new custom user interface from HTC, hit up the source link below.

[XDA via Engadget]

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  1. I liked the look of Sense when it first appeared on the original European Hero. It’s gotten progressively less visually appealing since then. (at least in my not so humble opinion)

  2. So will the HTC Evo 3D get this version of sense? It doesn’t really look like a bumped up version compared to sense 3.0

  3. I honestly think it’s unattractive

  4. Ported to supersonic evo 4g fixes for wifi and Bluetooth support being worked on. No support for either or at the moment, but is beta build so bugs all being worked out

  5. The link has a hidden link inside, don’t click on it guys, he makes money when you click it.

  6. Looks like a nice rom. Now if only we could do something about these morons posting ads

  7. i want some sense 3.5 love!!

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