Google Introduces New Service “Gmale” – By Invitation Only [Video]


You gotta hand it to Google, they’re always on top of the latest innovations. Thankfully, they’ve created the perfect male. Introducing Gmale, the world’s perfect male. Unfortunately, the service is only available by invitation but if you need an invite, just send me your email. My Gmale should be arriving by Monday. Thanks, Google!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. it’s not april fool’s yet! haha

  2. “I’m a REALLY good listener.” LMFAO

    1. Oops wrong button sorry

  3. Lol based on ur key words I determined ur have an affair with Sam lol classic

  4. You got this from sxephil didn’t you!?!?!

    1. Reddit I think… I don’t watch sxephil =p

      1. Can you send my invite :)[email protected]

  5. Great girl geek humor!

  6. oh god, he’s so creepy

  7. That was funny. I need a shemale Ooops never mind, oh the hell with it could be fun. Maybe I could get gmale and shemale and let the party begin.

    1. Don’t have to wait on Google for a SHE-male, dawg. They already got those in real life xD

    2. A She-g-male

  8. We must get our hands on one, and root it. For Science.

    1. FOR SCIENCE!!! Wait- you said “root?” Oops.

  9. Yeah, you’d like a gmale wouldn’t you Chris?;)

    1. He could help me find my lost thongs, er- boxers. o_O

      1. HAH YOU’VE SAID THONGS FIRST, no take-backs xD

        A G-Woman, hmm… why not…

      2. Invite please! lol

        [email protected]

  10. “based on you’re keywords you’re having an affair with Sam” haha this is comedy

    1. *YOUR

  11. Oh wow. So Google just basically came out and told errbody that they be all up in they business? And wii still remain loyal. Heh heh… Shows how good Google is.

    And what is up with that guy?

    “So how’s things with Gmale?”
    “Yea, how’s things with Gmale?” LoL!! 3rd person.

    1. Um… Google didn’t make the video. It’s a spoof some group called Comediva.

      The level of comprehension fail has reached critical levels based on all the responses I’ve seen here. I remember the good old days when the masses understood the concept of humorous irony.

  12. this shit is creepy ROFL. funny as hell tho.

  13. When is the Gezwoman due?

  14. lol Awesome, So where do I send my email to for the invite. lol

  15. Well Google does turn males into g-males over time.
    I mean with Google calender I have congratulated a lot more people whose birthday I would otherwise have forgotten.

    With all Google knows about its users I wonder how long it will take till they start their new service: Google me!
    What the service does, you upload like an amount of money to it (5-10-20$) and Google with its algorithms decides what you would like as a gift for that uploaded amount and buys it, and sends it to your address. It’s like giving yourself a surprise gift :P (hence the name: Google me! from: Suprise me!)

  16. Really funny. Once you stop laughing, it really is kinda creepy in a Big Brother kinda way.

  17. That was funny, go gmale

  18. I think my wife really would like one. I am the opposite of that. :(

  19. Would appreciate an invite! Thanks!

  20. [email protected]
    invite please…

  21. Please send invite thanks!

  22. Please send me invite to gmale thanx :)

  23. Invite plz thanx [email protected]

  24. Can you send my invite :) [email protected] tnx!

  25. All you people that posted your emails and begged for invites are HILARIOUS. Has Google got you so programmed that you A) Thought this was real and B) are willing to let it run your life for you?

  26. Invite please

  27. Invite please!

    [email protected]

  28. Nice efforts by you man… i think google has no competition.

  29. Nice.

  30. HAHAHA, I’m not sure which is funnier, the video or the people asking for invites. Which partially proves what I’ve always said about people reacting to headlines, or the first few words of an article rather than actually reading and/or watching. “What? New Google thing? Invite? plz!” *facepalm*
    At least I HOPE that’s the case; that many people able to turn on a computer can’t be that tragically stupid.

  31. plz invite me also : my id is [email protected]

  32. Please send me an invite [email protected]

  33. Please send me a invite [email protected]

  34. Plz send me an invitation to [email protected]

  35. Send me invitation [email protected]

  36. Dear People Asking For Invites,

    Are you kidding me? #DERP! Not to take away from hilarity of the video in any way, but you are all idiots.

  37. [email protected]

    Pls invite me too.

  38. hey, can you send me an invite.

    [email protected]

  39. Would like it
    [email protected]

  40. would love a invite [email protected]

  41. an invite please, [email protected]

  42. Please send invite [email protected]….thanks!

  43. Please send me an invite, my email is [email protected]

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