3D Videos For Your HTC Evo 3D That Will Make You Go “Ahhhhhhh…”


Sprint uploaded a 3D video onto their YouTube account showcasing the power of 3D when combine with something as amazing as your household bubble. I know, it doesn’t sound that great but if you own HTC’s Evo 3D, then this takes on a whole new meaning. The video was shot by Peck Media of Los Angeles using their top of line 3D cameras. Sprint is hoping to hype up the Evo 3D some more by showcasing how everyday videos can truly take on new life with a 3D capable handset. Fared Adib, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Sprint has this to say:

“We hope that this video will inspire people to create their own 3D mini movies or videos and share them online with their social networks. This is a fun attempt to show the possibilities of sophisticated mobile technology. You never know when you will want to take a video of something going on right in front of you, and HTC EVO 3D provides you that capability plus a whole lot more.”

Is 3D a gimmick? Of course. But it can be argued a lot of features used to sell Android devices these days are. Can 3D be fun and enhance the video experience? Most definitely. And it’s no better displayed than in this video by Sprint. I also came across another amazing 3D video for you guys thanks to Reddit. Enjoy. Have some favorites of your own? Post them in the comments!

[Via IntoMobile and Reddit]

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  1. that flight was epic…. i must do that

    1. My family makes the trip up to Yosemite almost every year. I’ve oft wondered what it would be like to hang glide through the valley like that. Maybe one day. When I grow a pair. xD

  2. 3D sucks and makes 95% of people that watch it sick or at least gives them headaches. The little glasses free screens are even worse. The technology will never succeed because the masses will never accept it.

    1. 95% is a bit high wouldn’t you say?

      I work in a movie theater and I would say its more like 0.95% that ever complain.

    2. zero sickness on my Thrill

  3. Huh, for some reason Sprint’s video really made me cross my eyes trying to keep up with all the activity going on. I never get eye strain from watching the Green Hornet, playing any of the games, or watching my own videos/pictures, but damn, those bubbles were killing my eyes.

  4. I love my EVO 3D for so many of it’s capabilities , but I have to admit the fascination with 3D eludes me. It is a cool party trick I guess.

  5. Hmmm…. I wonder what would happen if you took 3D video of a 3D video….

    1. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! *HEAD EXPLODES*

  6. The screen can do some pretty good showings of it’s 3D power, but as far as taking 3D videos with it, I haven’t seen much of anything impressive in that department.

    1. You haven’t seen my “homemade videos.”

      Har har har..

  7. The 3D is awesome, I expected to hate it but it’s great on this phone.

  8. my friend, and former bandmate, was one of the “Bubble Artists” in this video. She said it was a lot of fun.

  9. That was awesome ! My friends don’t understand why I got my EVO 3D, but when I show them this.. theyll want one !

    1. No… they likely still won’t understand if all you can show them is a video of bubbles and hang gliding. In fact, they will probably understand even less.

  10. I wasn’t really impressed. Must be that I’ve been watching too many videos on my phone in 3D…

  11. lol, I just crossed my eyes to see the 3d effect, why would I buy a phone for this?

    1. Uh…so you dont have to cross your eyes to see it?

      I liked this tho, it was funny. Someone on a forum explained how to do that to see some 3D pics.

      1. stupid video to

    2. its not the same. i have the evo 3d and it has way more depth than crossing your eyes

      1. i don’t know why people need to cross their eyes to see the effect. the usual thing that i see with these people who doesn’t know how to use the 3D effects of the phone is to move it too far or too close to their eyes, or move the phone side to side. there’s a “sweet spot” where everything works perfectly (well, almost perfectly). i agree that the technology is still not quite there yet, but it does great for a little device like this.

        1. crossing eyes would be for watching on your non 3d devices. youtube has an option for it

          1. ah…i stand corrected! :) i didn’t know such a viewing maneuver exists…lmao!

        2. yes 100% agree with u those people who will not using 3d or not able to use it correctly will post unnecessary comments to evo 3d . i have evo and iPhone 4 also but in my opinion evo is a better option with additional feature of 3d!

    3. evo 3d is a lame device. GS2 is 100000x better in every way!

      1. LOL only one post in before a Samsung (wannabe iPhone) fanboy chimed in. -embarrassing

    4. And . . . if a professional made the image with their top of the line cameras, it makes me wonder why those fools at HTC would not have enough faith in their camera phone to actually use the phone for the movie clip.

  12. I found 3D gameplay video of Resistance that’s pretty decent.

  13. Good video. Still don’t find 3D to be all that great though.

  14. just one of my favorite videos taken on the day I got my evo3d. enjoy


  15. i dont understand the “hate” for 3d. if you dont like it. get out of this article. plenty of non-3d articles out there lol

  16. GS2 is the best. When sprint get the GS2 on the 16th this phone will look real dumb. No way can this phone be as smooth. as thin. as capable, and nice looking as the GS2. Sad how you idiots are having so much fun with a ugly, clunky, lagging brick! GALAXy 4ever

    1. Troll or Samsung rep? I’d say both. And you failed at both of ’em. Quite weak attempt, actually.

    2. LOL!!! And the next one (wannabe iPhone fanboy). -Embarrassing

    3. I had the Epic (loved it for screen and keyboard) over my wifes evo, until HTC gave her first froyo then gingerbread!

      Samsung makes a nice phone but thats it, no updates till the phone is second rate and you could wait no more and got something fromt HTC like my EVO 3d. The new Epic touch did away with the keyboard (its best feature over other phones in its class) and specs that are similar to the
      Evo 3d except with the knowledge HTC will most likely get icecream before samsung will. Not getting left out again, keep your paper weight! I also think the 3d is cool.

  17. Oh what a great videos. nice collection man.

  18. Sometimes it takes a gimic to differentiate your product from the pack. Seriously, and who gets excited about another 4.3″ black slab android phone anymore? Innovation now seems to be whether you have squared or rounded corners.

    Disclaimer: I love myevo 3D

  19. I appreciate from your contents related to htc evo 3d deals. It’s really informatic.

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