Sep 2nd, 2011

I’ve noticed as I continue to upgrade my devices, gaining more and more internal memory, I feel like I’ve begun to bury myself with what feels like hundreds of new apps I install almost every single day. Thankfully, Samsung San Jose Mobile Lab has released a launcher (homescreen) replacement in the Android Market and its creating some buzz. No, this isn’t TouchWiz for all devices but a homescreen app they’re calling Pure Breeze.

What separates Pure Breeze from the plethora of launcher replacements in the Android Market is the fact that this one is focused on one thing: organization. Gone is your traditional homescreen, instead replaced by a customizable app drawer that allows you to group apps by category into certain columns. Pressing the home button allows you to bring up the “Kite” which is essentially your typical homescreen customizable with widgets and shortcuts (but limited to one page). Make sense?

I know, this will definitely take some getting used to and I can tell you right now, Pure Breeze will not be for everyone. Those that are “iPhone-phobic” need not apply. But for those of you that need a little more simplicity, organization and like to try new things, I would give it a whirl when you have the chance. The app is new and I think there are a few areas of improvement (graphics acceleration) but overall I’d give Samsung Song Jose Mobile Lab an “A” for effort.

Once you try it out, make sure you come back here and tell me what you think of it. You can find both a free and paid version of Pure Breeze in the Android Market available now.

[Market Link]