Barnes & Noble to Launch Nook Color 2 Lates this Month?


A new report originating at DigiTimes says a followup to Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color is in the works, and it could be ready for launch as early as this month. The Nook Color has been a highly successful e-reader largely in part due to its ability to transform into a rather functional Android tablet with a little bit of knowledge and some simple hacks. While little is known about how the internals of the new Nook will change, the screen size is said to remain the same at 7 inches. The report does, however, point to the potential of the display switching over from a traditional touchscreen to full color eInk. That would make it the first mass-produced e-reader to feature such technology, and while not out of the question, it does cast some doubt on the supposed timing of the Nook Color 2’s release.

Manufacturing houses are said to already be lining up to supply parts and complete assembly. The question of an eInk display aside, with a few key upgrades and with the right pricing, the Nook Color 2 hopefully will continue on where the last left off in terms of easily converting the device into a functional tablet, if not shipping with such capabilities out of the box.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Barnes and Noble has done an excellent job at marketing their eReaders to the masses. They are great devices for someone who really wants to read and you can now find them everywhere.

  2. i’ve got mine running CM7 and overclocked, but its kinda laggy (ish)…going to sell it soon I think – depending on what the Amazon Tablet looks like/is capable of.

  3. Love the nook color. That said a newer one with [i]at least[/i] 1ghz cpu and more ram would be awesome. really no need to change anything else imo. not sure how i feel about a color e-ink

  4. B&N simply marketed how any eReader SHOULD market. Then when the modding community snagged ahold of them and played around, B&N just smiled ear-to-ear and let it go. Occasionally helping them out and tossing the mod community a bone

  5. This would be awesome if it had a GPS chip, so you could also use it for orienteering maps or as a sat-nave ETC. as it is readable in direct sunlight.

  6. I love my nook. I can easily use my T-Mobile hotspot to get internet on it when I am mobile.

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