[Poll] Are You Finally Settling on a Phone This Year?


I stuck with my G1 for a long time when it first came out, but that’s because I kinda didn’t have a choice – it was the only Android phone out. The HTC Hero, HTC Magic and the Motorola DROID – among various Samsung products – were all tempting offerings, but not enough to get me to switch carriers or pay for unsubsidized. I was even a bit skeptical about the Nexus One.

Then the HTC EVO 4G came out. I paid $200 to get out of my contract and switched to Sprint for the phone. After many great months of rooting, ROM’ing and modding, the Samsung Epic 4G grabbed my eye with its Super AMOLED display and 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor, not to mention the hardware QWERTY keyboard I had been missing from my G1.

That affair came to an end when America’s first autostereoscopic 3D phone, the HTC EVO 3D, was released. I upgraded to that phone, but before this I contemplated switching to Verizon before the tiered data cut-off date. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the sort of phones I was looking for.

The Galaxy S II is finally near release, but it’s taken so long to get here that I am now waiting for the Nexus Prime. But even with the Nexus Prime on its way, I’ll more than likely buy the Samsung Galaxy S II unsubsidized. Hell, I almost used my upgrade on a Motorola Photon 4G, and I planned on selling both phones to get the money to fund all of this switching. I clearly have a problem, my friends.

But I believe I’ll finally slow down once I get some good ol’ stock Android back in my life. If Ice Cream Sandwich is everything I’m hoping it will be and if the Nexus Prime hardware impresses, I’ll be set for a long time.

Are any of you like me? Even if you don’t actually buy phones as much as I do, have you been waiting and waiting for the perfect time and phone to upgrade? And if so, do you think you’ll find true, Android love by the end of the year? Or have you already gotten your long-term phone to keep you nice and warm until your upgrade is up?

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. My answer is “I’m tired of waiting, and I want to settle on a phone, but no manufacturer wants to make a good phone with a good keyboard, so I’m still waiting, and I can’t say if it’s going to be this year.”

    1. Well if you’re on VZW I hear the Droid 3 has an amazing keyboard, and it just got 1-click root yesterday :)

      1. Unfortunately for me, I’m not even in the USA. it seems like they wouldn’t sell the Milestone 3 in the UK, which makes it even more unlikely for it to get released in my country, considering that all moto phones here use the UK ROM

        That, and I don’t like pentile screens. I guess it’s a trade-off for having a good pair of eyes.

      2. VZW user here and the D3 is out. Using my D1 until a dual core and 4G phone that rocks my socks is announced. Plus an unlocked bootloader or one that is easily hacked.

    2. Since the Epic got 2.2 (And 2.3 leaks) it’s been a good phone that has a pretty good keyboard. It’s still a fast phone with little lag. Run one of the custom roms, and it’s very competitive.

      1. That phone only exists in the USA, unfortunately. :/

  2. I just want the Nexus Prime — HOPING IT COMES TO VZW!
    If not, I’ll continue to wait until the next Nexus device makes it way there. It’s gotta happen eventually!

    1. I follow who ever has the Nexus, it’s not the other way around.

      1. every tried vzw service vs others? you’ll be back to vzw…even if they bend you over further than the others do

        1. Since they have never had a real Google phone, that would be a no. The Nexus + T-mobile + my location + price, are the best deal where I live in Houston but now Verizon is looking good with LTE.

          1. 42mbps might change your mind

          2. It already is but if they don’t get the Nexus then I’ll switch to someone else. No other phone could effect my decision that much.

          3. Since I’m locked into Unlimited Data, it’s gonna take a better plan or an even better phone to get me to leave Big Red.

  3. I picked up the HTC Sensation, I’ve loved it sense.. (Get it? Haha)

    Just waiting on some CM7, or clean AOSP. Then I will be one happy guy. Granted, if I can find the way to, I may pick up a Nexus Prime if I like the hardware and feel of the phone. I loved my Nexus One, hated the Nexus S.

    1. I’m with you there, bro. I can’t wait for some CM7/AOSP love on the EVO 3D. We have a few “senseless” ROMs, but nothing that would compare to actual CM7/AOSP build.

    2. I’ve said that I would stop switching phones since 3 phones ago. Truth is I knew I needed a phone that was at least a little future-proof and I didn’t have that until I got my Sensation.

      I’m looking to learn a little about rooting but I want to keep Sense. What ROM should I keep an eye out for that still has Sense 3.0 but removes bloatware?

  4. This is what’s wrong with us, and the mobile phone industry. Each week, something new and better hits the market and some, must have it. This is how the carriers want it. Each time we upgrade, we lock in for another 2 years, often having to pay a early termination fee or upgrade fee. Not me. I bought my last phone outright and and not constrained by a contract. If the phone becomes a dinosaur, I can upgrade at any time.

    Remember when we kept phones 3 or more years?

    1. I still have my very first mobile phone which is a Motorola one, at least 8 years old if not older. Still works perfectly as well. I would like the Nexus Prime but I’ll buy it sim lock free and all. It’ll cost a lot but I intend to use it until it dies, gets missing/stolen or unusable through whatever means. If I invest a big sum of money in a phone I’d better use it for a long time.

      Anyone always wanting the latest smartphone better have deep pockets.

      1. Anyone owning an 8 year-old phone better have zero desire for technology.

    2. I always find it funny when people claim they are better off because they buy their phone outright and so are not locked into a contract. You do know if you get the phone subsidized and then break your contract and have to pay the ETF, you still pay less then buying an unsubsidized phone. And that’s even with the higher ETF fees they charge now. And the longer you keep your phone the more true that is since most ETFs go down the further into your contract you go.

      Go ahead and do the math, I did.

      1. Not only that but you don’t always recoup your money when you sell off your old unsubsidized phone.

      2. The problem is that then, in the US at least, you’ll be stuck with a phone that can only work (well) on that carrier. So you cancel your contract and then do what with it exactly? WiFi only? Honestly, the only carrier it makes sense to buy your phone outright on is T-Mobile because you get a significant monthly discount for not taking a subsidy. With any other carrier, you’ll just pay for a subsidy you’re not getting + the full cost of your phone.

    3. You’re not locked into any 2 year upgrade if you buy the unsubsidized/unlocked version of the phone, right? Your upgrade path and date stays the same if you buy the phone rather than upgrade.

    4. I have never had a phone for 3 years, that’s just crazy…

    5. Actually no, I don’t remember that.

  5. All I want is that good old prime.

    1. That’s phones for ya… not even out and people are calling them old… :D

  6. I’ve had my trusty HTC Hero since a month after it’s release in ’09 and I’m waiting on the Nexus Prime now. Twice I almost switched back to T-Mo (had a simple flip Samsung phone) for the Sensation and G2, but staying put with unlimited data and the Prime. I can’t wait until it gets here.

    1. Its true that you do get throttles after 5 gigs, but the faster data speeds are worth it. And 42mbps is just around the corner

  7. i already have the nexus s and i got my wife the htc sensation. and now the wife said no more new phones this year or next year :(

  8. im happy with my nexus one ^^

  9. I’m pretty confident I’m settled on my new Droid 3.

    My first cellphone was an LG voyager and I got it for the almost-smartphone-like capabilities. It had a great keyboard and for the time, a decent collection of programs and impressive web capabilities- unless you counted the iPhone. But Apple and AT&T have never really been a serious consideration for me.

    I bought in to Android with the original Droid. It was a magnificent step up and really felt like what I wanted in a device- basically, a fully customizable, upgrade friendly computer in my pocket that also happened to make calls. Even though I had to get it replaced twice (thank God for insurance), the original Droid lasted me a long time. I even rooted and overclocked it for a time.

    I’ve been looking for a new phone for awhile, but I wanted to hold off for a dual-core. I was considering the X2 because I figured I could get over the physical keyboard if I had Swype and I really like the dimmensions of the device- but then I got my hands on the Droid 3.

    It’s like the Droid and the Droid x line made sweet, sweet love and had a beautiful baby. The keyboard is so good it might actually give the G1’s a run for its money. And now with root taken care of, the only issue I have is that it uses capacitive buttons. I think good ol clickies are way underappreciated on Android phones- but I can live with that.

    I could go on and on about this phone, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear me gush. But honestly, I intend to get a good case for this (Otterbox probably?) and have it last me well past my 2 year contract.

    1. I would absolutely get the Droid 3 if it had 4G, still have the OG Droid and love the form factor but fear being locked into 2 years without that extra functionality that is going to be utilized much more over the term of the contract.

  10. Nah, I poached the HTC EVO 4g from day 1. My BlackBerry died on me about a month before I was due for an upgrade and I just waited. I’m keeping this thing until something worth renewing my contract comes around.

  11. G1 -> Nexus 1 -> Nexus Prime!!

    1. I’ve gone the first two parts of that route but I’m holding off to see how the NP does if it really is made by Samsung. Part of me doesn’t want to support them due to their past performance. Another part of me wants to really stick it to Apple though, which means buying Samsung. :P

    2. G1->Google Ion->Nexus 1->Nexus S->Nexus Prime!!!!!


      1. K800i->Galaxy S II

        Here I shall stay for at least a year and a bit =/

    3. x2

  12. Just switched to an Atrix 4G last week after using an Acer Liquid A1 for 1.5 years. Was waiting for the LG Thrill but after the release date got pushed back AGAIN, said f it. The fact that it had Gingerbread and the bootloader had been unlocked made it a pretty attractive option (while it was not before to me). So far, loving it. This phone is a monster.

  13. Lg dare-> og droid -> droid x-> dinc2. Looking foward to vigor or PRIME!

    1. G1->Moment->Epic->Inc2->Droid 3

      Sticking with the droid 3 for the life of the contract.

  14. lg viewty -> Nexus One -> Nexus Prime -> Nexus 5 -> Nexus 7 -> Nexus 9 etc
    Assuming they will be as awesome for their time as the n1 was and that nexus phones are released every year.

    But not long after I got my N1 did I decide I was sticking to the nexus line. There has to happen something huge for me to change that plan!
    Been waiting for the Nexus 2/3 long before they announced plans to continue the nexus line. Nexus S wasn’t that special in my eyes and I want to use a phone longer than a year, so I’ll skip nexi devices by keeping one for around 2 years.

  15. Still on OG Droid and Xoom Tablet – waiting for the Vigor or Nexus Prime, though the Bionic is looking tempting as I am both granfathered on Verizon and well and truly due for an upgrade.

    1. I’m in the same boat with the OG Droid (although I have a Transformer). It’s definitely showing its age at this point, so I’m just trying to decide whether to get the Bionic or wait and see what happens with the HD, Prime, or Vigor. If the pentile screen on the Bionic isn’t as bad as the latetst Moto pentiles have been, I might just get the Bionic and hope that I can put ICS on it later.

      1. Sporting the OG and Transformer! I’m getting so sick of waiting, but I was gonna go with the GSII. Now I can’t unless I want to switch carriers, which is really more of a hassle than I want. So most likely waiting an extra month for the Vigor. I would have jumped all over the Bionic, but I just can’t think about it without being so annoyed about all the difficulties. Plus some Beats audio will be awesome!

  16. I’ve already settled on a phone I want to keep long-term =

    Galaxy S II

  17. I still have my Droid X. I love it, especially since it just got MIUI. My next phone will most likely be a 1st gen Ice Cream Sandwich device.

  18. I’m happy with my Samsung Captivate. Daughter has a Captivate too. Wife has HTC Inspire that replaced an iPhone 3 in May. (This doesn’t count the non-smartphone portion of my bill.) I have an upgrade available since Aug 1, 2011. AT&T seems to give me upgrades every 12 months for some insane reason. Its almost but not quite getting to the point where we get comfortable with our phone and its past time to pick out a new phone. As I said, I’m happy with my Captivate. I suppose I should start researching what to replace it with. Any suggestions?

    (Anyone dumb enough to say Sammy or Cappy should in fairness also say iPhony.)

  19. I’m sticking with my launch day EVO 4G until a decent stock ICS phone finds its way to Sprint, and that just might be the Nexus Prime. I was hoping HTC would be making the next Nexus phone, but if the Prime’s hardware is solid then I just might make the switch.

  20. I was waiting on the Bionic to ditch my DX but the E3D came along and stole my heart. I don’t see myself switching for anything that I’ve heard about possibly being released this year.

  21. HTC Desire –> Nexus S –> Nexus Prime :)

    I don’t want any less than a Nexus phone with the latest Android ICS.

  22. Just give me the Hercules with an HD screen and I’m set for life(the life of my contract).

    Launcher Pro on top and Touch Wiz 4.0 under neath is perfect for me. Stock Android is too stock for me(right now) but who knows if they will add some character to stock Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Samsung Instinct –> Touch Pro 2 (Brick. TMO) –> Vibrant(FULL PRICE) –> Samsung ______.

  23. I started with the G1, faithfully stayed with it until I got my MyTouch 4G. I haven’t really looked at any other phones since then. I like the MT4G, I think it’s pretty zippy, even with just a single core processor. I’m keeping my eyes out for a tablet before I invest in a new phone.

  24. i get the best of both worlds lol
    im getting the Bionic for my agent line (work phone)
    and as for my personal im thinking of holding on for the virgo or
    the so called nexus prime but i dont plan to wait more than october

  25. I want to wait for the Prime, but time may not be on my side. If Sprint gets the iphone, they MAY moved to a tiered plan. And I just don’t want that. I’m lucky bec my job has contracts out with all three major companies and Sprint will be the cheapest by far for unlimited everything. Hopefully they’ll drop the price of the evo 3d to $100 and then I’ll pounce. But I will be keeping an eye out on the news.

  26. I am Exactly like that. Nokia 3390 > Nokia 3650 > Nokia 8290(charlies angels phone!) > Motorola RAZR > MDA > Blackberry Curve 8320 > Touch Pro 2 > G1 > Nexus One > myTouch 4G > htc Sensation 4G.

    I’m definitely getting the Nexus Prime when it comes out, although I want to try out Hercules for a minute also.

  27. That’s easy, I only plan on buying Nexus phones. So I will get the Nexus Prime at the end of the year, and next year I’ll have the next Nexus device. :) You can’t go wrong with the true Google experience.

    Other devices are tempting, but it’s always worth the wait.

    1. I had a stock device in the G2 I bought earlier this year but I don’t understand why Nexus devices are so souped up with crazy hardware when stock android absolutely flies. My gf’s G2 just got the gingerbread update and its more responsive than my Sensation. Stock android doesn’t need dual-cores…but whatever keeps the Nexus fans happy…

  28. I am happy for now with my EVO 4g however I always keep my eyes open. The EVO 4G does the job I need it to do and until there is something that is a huge change, there is no need for me to switch. I don’t do gaming so really as long as I can run my business from my phone, I am fine.

  29. Nexus Prime, no matter what carrier (yes Nexus phones are that good).

  30. More than likely I’m gonna stick with my 3D, especially since it was a Father’s Day present & if I traded it in the Mrs would kill me. By next Father’s Day I should be able to sneak a new phone into the house.

  31. I love flashing roms so much, that I don’t see the need to worry about my phone having vanilla android out the door. I think I’ll be happy with my EVO 3D for at least the next year.

  32. Iphone3, droid incredible, droid charge………nexus prime if truly on verizon.

    Unfortunately I killed my droid incredible and used my early upgrade for the charge. Surprisingly the droid charge has exceeded my expectations in many ways but the processor is way slower than my incredible. I planned on galaxy s2 being on vz but would much rather have a nexus phone!

    If the nexus hits verizon there will be a droid charge on ebay!

  33. Had a G1 that I switched to an HD2 back when Tmobile still had the Even more plus plans. Kept waiting for the right phone and when I got tired of seeing keyboard phones get no love, I went back to the drawing board to see what I really wanted. Turns out gaming on the go was king so I bought an Xperia Play and I have to say between the battery life and the gamepad I’m having a ball. Now I’m just hoping the Sony Ericsson will make a second version sometime down the line, cause I’m not sure I want to give up the gamepad now that I have it. (Zenonia series is so much more fun and the emulators make it so easy to play fighting games on the go.)

  34. I’m sticking with my Incredible until the next Nexus phone comes along. Hopefully to the Verizon network =| If not, then I’ll jump ship to Sprint. I’m sure they will get it.

  35. I’m torn, I’ve been wanting the SGS2 for so long and I’m thrilled that it’s just around the corner now, but at the same time I really want stock Android so it’s killing me that the Nexus Prime is “coming soon.” This’ll be my first smartphone, so I’m dying to finally get it, but I have the problem with “the next big thing” tempting me to wait it out.

    I love the stock Android of the Nexus line (bought my wife and son each a Nexus S 4G) and I really don’t want to deal with all the carrier customizations, plus the specs of the Prime are just better. I’m not sure on the screen though, I hear pros and cons on that tech but it should be better. But…when? Rumors of “October,” “late November or December,” and “early 2012” make it hard to justify waiting when I don’t even have an old Android in my pocket.

    1. Skip the SGS2. I’ve been waiting for it since it was released in the UK. I have no idea why samsung has waited 5 additional months to get it to the US. That also means that the technology is 5 months old. I think we’re nearing another generational leap soon. I’m going to skip the SGS2 and wait for that leap.

  36. Moto RAZR —> Moto RAZR V9m —> Moto Droid —> Droid Incredible (hated it, went back to OG) —> Moto Bionic. I love Motorola phones so I’m fully committed to getting the Bionic. Also have a Galaxy Tab 10.1.

    1. My Incredible blew the doors off of my OG.

      1. Good for you. It wasn’t performance that made me hate it, rather the build quality, horrible battery, and the eyesore that is sense. Even after going to CM7 the battery life didn’t come close to my Droid.

  37. Sprint Hero then Nexus S… was going to get the EVO 3D but when Bestbuy did the whole “free for one day” event with the Nexus I just had go that route.

  38. Late adopter here. I just got a Nexus S! No way in **** I’m going to use my upgrade nor will I purchase the unsubsidized/unlocked version of any of these phones while they’re still new. Six to eight months from now, maybe I’ll look into getting the Nexus Prime.

  39. I’m looking fit 16gb internal memory, 1gb ram, hdmi output, fm transmitter, and a 8mp camera anyone know of something like that

  40. I’m torn between the SG2 and the Prime. Part of it will depend on carrier.

  41. I settled with my Gaalxy S2 and i don’t plan on changing it till next year.

  42. HTC Hero > HTC EVO 4G > HTC EVO 3D > Probably the Prime

    (Unless it is built by Samsung. Sorry but after this past year’s “eff yous” and “wannabe iPhone” events, I will NEVER use a Samsung phone)

  43. I have another year to go. Maybe the Nexus X from moto on verizon. I can dream.

  44. I am pretty much stuck with compromises, so unless they stop carrier locking phones I may never get exactly what I want. Right now I have the HTC EVO 3D, I love everything about the phone, including Sense UI. The hardware and software are pretty much perfect. However, it’s Sprint only and Sprint service is pretty bad in my area. If it was a Verizon 4G phone, I never would of left Verizon for Sprint, but Verizon keeps releasing phones with Froyo, so they can suck it as far as I’m concerned. The Verizon network is great, and we just got 4G in the area, but I can’t stand brand new phones with an OS that was outdated almost a year ago.

  45. iPhone 3GS -> Moto Droid -> Evo 4G -> EVO 3D

  46. I settled on my Inc 2. It was an upgrade fron the Odinc. And I love the ffc. I was not initially going to root it like I did with the Odinc, but eventually reading the forums , and seeing all the great new roms out there, I decided to after the Gingerbread break method came out from Alpharev/Unrevoked… Cyanogen and Miui on 3G is enough for me for now. I’ll wait till there are some improvements Technology wise on LTE.

  47. With an upgrade due in October it’s either the GS2 or wait for the Prime.

  48. Just got myself the Galaxy S II the day it came out in Canada last month and loving it. Replaced an old WM6 HTC Touch. Will probably keep it for at least a year before thinking about getting a new phone.

  49. Settle on a phone?


    Who settles on a phone, such a silly question…I get worried if I haven’t gotten a new phone in a few months.

  50. Nexus one –> Evo 4G –> Epic 4g –>Evo 4g –>Atrix –> galaxy tab 7″ –> Mytouch 4g –>Inspire –>Thunderbolt –> captivate–> vibrant 4g –> infuse

    I swear i count has 1/2 of the 600k activations per day android gets….

  51. I still really like my Nexus One, but I switched to a Motorola Triumph just because I’m not using my phone and such enough to justify T-Mobile’s $70/month. Virgin Mobile’s $35/month is much more palatable. So far I’m pretty happy with the Triumph (aside from some sensitivity issues with the touch screen) but I’m definitely looking forward to Cyanogen coming out for it.

    At this point, I feel like all the phones are similar enough to each other that unless you have a very specific feature need, there’s not much point in fretting over specifics as long as the size/weight and screen resolution are fine. Especially with the Great Equalizer that is Cyanogen Mod.

  52. My Nexus One was feeling dated, and I didn’t like the look of the Nexus S, and couldn’t wait for the Hercules, so I settled for the Sensation, which is keeping me happy for now. However, the Nexus Prime may “force” me to upgrade early…

  53. Hero —> Photon. Was waiting for SGS2, but took too long and Photon looked nearly as good. And it has exceeded expectations… amazing phone in every way. Shouldn’t need anything else for at least a year, but I get full phone deal every 12 mo. so we’ll see…

  54. i want to the wait and get the Nexus Prime, given all the specs. I’m not seeing anything thus far about expandable memory for it though. The Nexus S I don’t believe came with an expandable micro SD card slot. Is this the new trend for Google/Android flagship phones?

  55. I’m really happy with my g2x for now and it’s been 8 android phones to this point decided to slow down…. Though I could easily sell this and this my touch 4g sitting here and update…….

  56. Depends on the processor in Sprints GSII

  57. If the Prime is all that it’s cracked up to be(hopefully), and is on Sprint (likely), and has a decent battery life, it’ll likely be my next phone. Although I still have much love for my Epic.

  58. I’m still waiting on a true successor to the G2.

  59. I haven’t chosen the exact phone that I want yet, but I know it will be available by the end of the year. I want a phone on Verizon with 4G, dual-core,1GB RAM, 4″+ screen, ICS, and an unlocked bootloader would be nice (possibly an HTC phone?).

    I could possibly wait until next year since I just got my incredible in March.

  60. My phone isn’t out there yet, but I’m sure it will be available by the end of the year. The Vigor and Prime look pretty nice.

  61. Sorry Quentyn, but it’s funny to read about your sky-high expectations for a phone and an Android release that we know pretty much nothing about. It’s all rumours so far, and I guarantee that a lot of people will be disappointed. People need to be reasonable in their expectations. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the Android team, but you can only do so much in 8 months.

    It’s pretty much a given that there will be something about the next Nexus that will disappoint you, and Ice Cream Sandwich will no doubt be a big step forward but leave lots still to be done. And I’m sure you’ll keep buying phones at a rate that will bring the carriers and manufacturers much glee.

  62. Oh, for the record, I’m on my second Android phone, a Nexus S. I switched in order to jump from Telus, one of the big three Canadian carriers, to Mobilicity, one of the upstarts. I know I’m gonna get my taste of Ice Cream Sandwich, so I imagine I’ll be hanging on to my S for quite some time still.

  63. G1 to Nexus Prime (that’s the current plan, anyway…)

    1. Still rockin’ the G1. I am impressed sir.

      1. Thanks. I’m using the G1 running Android 2.3.5 via Ginger Yoshi

  64. Original Droid … rooted, overclocked, running Gingerbread
    Next … not sure totally, but its got to be damn hot

  65. I usually always keep a phone long term, or at least a significant amount of time. I don’t need cutting edge, just a phone that does what it needs to. is easily unlocked so I can keep current, on Android. And I’m good.

  66. Very happy with my current phone – can’t see myself updating for at least a year or two. While it’s not a terribly popular phone – I really like my Echo and the large dual screens for video and larger on screen keyboard would make it very hard to switch back to a more traditional phone.

    The only thing I could see swaying me would be if Sprint rolled 4g out to my region.

  67. I got fed up with waiting, Im an OG Droid fan, finally upgraded to a D3 (no 4G where i live) Loving it.

  68. iphone 3G —> Evo 4G —> ???

    Option 1) ride out my contract with the evo. It’s up in June and there should be some sweet quad cores to choose from by then.

    Option 2) ride out evo contract and get a nokia wp7.

  69. Already got my Galaxy S II :)

  70. HTC Touch (running Android-mod)>Motorola OG Droid 1>Motorola 3 (rooted of course)!

    Was gonna hold out for the Bionic but couldn’t bring myself to spend $600 on two phones (one for me, one for the wifey) and as the Droid 3 was BoGo and essentially a Bionic with just a little smaller screen but the addition of a keyboard I was swayed! Now that it’s rooted too, I can say I’m very pleased with my purchase decision!

  71. Day-1 DInc here… it’s about time for new one. Hoping that the Nexus Prime lands on VZW otherwise it’ll be a Bionic for me.

  72. G1>nexus>mytouch>Garmin>HD2rooted>mytouch 4g>galaxy s>galaxy nexus s
    G2>G2x>galaxy 4g> and finally the HTC Sensation ..yeah I think I’ll try the next few phones before three Nexus Prime..

  73. My upgrade was available at the end of 2010 and I held out for the phones announced at CTIA… That never came. Atrix wasn’t all I hoped for, Thunderbolt was a bust and the Galaxy S 2 and Bionic are STILL not here. I left unlimited data with Verizon for the Sensation 4G and I’m happy keeping this for a long while.

  74. lg ux300 -> env 3 -> env touch -> blackbery storm -> nokia 1280(africa) -> nokia n73(africa) -> env touch -> GALAXY S2(getting it unlocked this weekend)

  75. i might wait longer too see any later phones info like nexus prime to come

  76. I am settling right now.

    I like my Droid Charge(Work phone) and my Sex Play(My personal phone)

    but I am waiting for Nokia, Samsung or LG to come out with a Windows Phone 7 device for the 2nd generation “mango update”

    I had already found the perfect OS( -Windows phone 7) but they lack front facing cameras which is why i am stuck dealing with Android .

    So come on Nokia, Samsung or LG with some awesome WP7 hardware and i can finally have THE PERFECT phone.

  77. I would have loved to have “stuck with Nexus phones,” but Samsung made the last one.

  78. I have a Galaxy Tab 7 for texting, email, social networking, and Skype. If I NEED to use a phone, I have a $6.95/month Kyocera K9 @ .10/minute. I usually see who called, and wait ’till I get home and use my landline so I’m not like the millions who walk around with a celly to their ear…I’m the one with my head-down, deeply engrossed in what is going on in my Tabby. :) My total cell/data charges are less than $39/month after 200MB my TMo is throttled down to 100k. I’ve found that Spotify works great at that bitrate. If I’m near a WiFi hotspot (included in my TMo account) I can watch Netflix all-day if I want.

  79. If the Nexus Prime releases on Sprint, I will keep that phone for quite some time. I got the Evo 4G when it launched, and then switched to the Nexus S 4G at the end of June. I only bothered with the Nexus S 4G, because I was able to get a brand new one and simply trade my Evo 4G for it. I plan on only getting Nexus phones from now on, and am incredibly hyped for the Nexus Prime. PLEASE LAUNCH IT ON SPRINT! (and not six months later)

    EDIT: There is a good chance I will leave Sprint to get the Nexus Prime, if I have to. Although I really don’t want to give up $30/mo unlimited everything…

    1. I would be shocked if the phone doesn’t launch on GSM either first or simultaneously with the CDMA carriers given the track record. Maybe it’s wishful thinking though, because I want it on T-Mobile and T-Mobile has been fortunate in the past with the Nexus phones.

  80. Samsung Galaxy S 2. :)

  81. Well I was rockin my G1 from day one all the way until the sensation came out. I saw how fast android was moving so I set my goals really high for a phone that I was going to accept as “future proof”. I am sure I can use this phone for my 2 years. I am sure in the end of that I will be itching for a new phone. I was itching for a long time to retire my G1 but it was worth it.

  82. That’s funny, I went from Evo to Evo 3d and was now contemplating the Photon only because I’d love to call my phone a MoPho, haha. I think im going to buy Sprints D710 to hold me over until the Prime comes out.

  83. Black lg chocolate 2 (cracked screen, replaced and cracked screen AGAIN) -> my friends old blue chocolate 2 (later ripped apart with my bare hands >:| lol) -> samsung fascinate and 2 broken og droids combined to make one working -> droid charge -> hopefully htc vigor or nexus prime if it comes to verizon and I can afford it but if not I’m pretty happy with my charge

  84. settling with my SGS II ^^

  85. I just bought a G2X last week, planning on keeping it for a while. Unless it doesn’t get an update for Ice Cream Sandwich, then Ill probably get a new one.

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