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Some bad news for those of you who missed that sense of organization missing from Android. Larva Labs, the developers behind SlideScreen, have decided to shut the SlideScreen project down after recent updates to the Gmail application. In the update, Google intentionally restricted access to the application’s data. This is likely a security move in light of all of the malicious malware attacks as of late.

SlideScreen needed access to that data to show users’ emails on the alternate homescreen. SlideScreen was one of the first desktop replacements for Android and it did more than mimic or build upon the default launcher. Slidescreen sought to make your homescreen more organized, informative and meaningful to you. It displayed Facebook updates, Tweets, email, stocks, weather updates and more in an easy-to-view layout. It was pretty much a necessity for people coming from WinMo.

It’s gone now, though, as they’ve decided not to continue after the latest shun. They have made the most recent beta APK available for all to download. Unfortunately they have not open-sourced the project, but we’re hopeful that can come with time. It’s been real, SlideScreen. Be sure to read our interview with Larva Labs that touches not only on SlideScreen, but other great applications and games developed by them. [Larva Labs]

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  1. Interesting, never knew about this app. It does have a nice resemblance to Sliding Panels of WinMo fame, sucks that they have to shut it down now

  2. Stuff like this makes me wonder how software would be like if security was never a concern (ie, no one wants to steal information from you, hack your data, etc.).

    Sorry, I can’t say how much I’m saddened. Weren’t Larva Labs and Google partners ?

  4. This was one of my favorite alt homescreens. I hope they open source it so that it can continue to flourish.

  5. The Gmail “bugfix” has crippled so many 3rd party applications to the point of not existing is probably one of the worst things that has happened to android apps since inception. WTF!

  6. This app is the reason I love Android! I am seriously about to cry here… I’ll just have to learn to live with the app not showing emails, which is fine since the app allows you to have the notification bar show at the top. But this was THE BEST app in all of Android – I’ve made all my friends with Android phones download it and they all think it makes their phone look and function like a million bucks. A sad day in the Android world to be sure. :(

  7. This makes me so angry. Slide Screen is the only app that makes android usable. This also is not right because we paid for this and were promised updates.

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