Aug 5th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:41 pm

We didn’t expect HTC to jump into the Honeycomb tablet game without putting their stamp on the software, so we weren’t surprised when these shots courtesy of PocketNow surfaced. They’re screen grabs directly from the HTC Puccini, AT&T’s and HTC’s first Honeycomb tablet.

Right away, you can see where HTC’s made their mark. There are several HTC-specific applications for setting the device up and other special functions. You’ll also get HTC’s keyboard for tablets, which features a full number pad offset to the right. Pretty slick.

As you can see in the bottom tray, not only have they changed some of the icons up but they’ve also added a pen button, likely for the same Scribe pen functionality that can currently be found on the HTC Flyer.

The settings menu has also been spruced up a bit with HTC’s colorful suite of icons and a light background instead of a dark one. In the shot below, AT&T’s stamp is clear – bloatware, and tons of it. That’s not to say we’re not used to it by now, but we hate seeing this much preinstalled software on a Honeycomb tablet.

Looks pretty interesting, I’d say. We’re not sure if this build is near-final, but HTC could have more in the way of customization by the time this thing comes to Ma Bell.

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