TouchWiz UX Update Headed to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Beginning August 5th


At a media event today in NYC, Samsung has been giving a first look at the fresh-out-of-the-oven TouchWiz UX  for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to member of the press. It was also announced that the update, which will overhaul the user interface of the currently stock Honeycomb Tab 10.1, will begin rolling out to the general public beginning this Friday, August 5th. The update will feature many enhancements and tweaks, including,

  • Live Panel: Magazine-like widget view for immediate access to weather, social updates, email, news, photo gallery, all on the home screen. The visual layout of Live Panel is completely customizable for one-touch entry into each user’s most important information.
  • Mini Mode Tray: One-touch access to commonly used applications—Task Manager, Calendar, World Clock, Pen Memo, Calculator, Music—which overlay in a pop-up window on display screen for powerful multi-tasking.
  • Clipboard: Advanced copy & paste functionality allows Galaxy Tab 10.1 users to store photos, Web pages, YouTube links, etc., on the clipboard for easy sharing via email and social network sites.
  • Indicator Quick Panel: Quickly toggle on/off Wi-Fi, notifications, sound, brightness and settings in lower right hand corner of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 display.
  • Photo Editor: Rotate, crop and adjust colors on high quality digital images
The update will also bring about a Samsung Media Hub redesign featuring a new user interface and video optimized for display on the large screen of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Using a dock or adaptor, content can be played back on a TV set via an HDMI connection. Social Hub will be included in the update as well as a selection of apps including Amazon Kindle and Music Cloud Player and Words with Friends. Other enhancements include Kies 2.0 support and enterprise solutions. You can check out the full presser at the link below for all the details.
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  1. Everytime I read something about the Samsung 10.1 it makes me glad that I sold that piece of crap Xoom and bought the galaxy.

  2. Phandroid, are you guys at the event? Would love to see a hands on of TW.

    1. posted a hands on review a few days ago

      1. Thank you!

  3. So they’re ruining Honeycomb with stupid unnecessary UI overlay bulls#!t now, I see…

    1. Considering that everyone who has reviewed it said it has made the tab a better device I don’t see how it is overlay bullsh*t. Especially considering my guess that you haven’t bothered to do an ounce of research on it to actually see what it does.

      1. Sorry but IMO TouchWiz is aesthetically unappealing. It’s too neat and generic. I can see what they’ve done in the picture above: different icons, different fonts—btw the font sucks, because it’s too generic. I may be picky, but I have a design degree in Architecture and know a thing or two about graphic design and typography. The settings menu will look different as well as many other menus—colorful and ugly. Stock Honeycomb is a blue, sleek, futuristic UI. The folded paper font gives Honeycomb an identity. Also, you’re not going to convince me that TouchWiz will be smoother than stock Android 3.2.

        1. Your comments are aesthetically unappealing but you don’t see me complaining now do you?

          1. And you’re obviously a Samsung/TouchWiz fanboy. More power to you.

          2. Wow Jmaxku. You lost this one I’m afraid. lol

          3. DYNK
            Yes I lost because I have an educated opinion. TouchWiz is generic. Go cry me a river.

        2. …the icons aren’t different, I have the tab with stock honeycomb right now and the icons are exactly the same. The widgets are different. With the Touchwiz update the bottom bar is now more gray, and if you would read the hands on like on android central they mention how its not a color explosion like the old touchwiz was on the phones. Again, research is helpful. and Architecture does not make you a graphic designer.

          1. Really the icons aren’t different? Open your eyes. Not only have the navigation icons been changed, but the app icons as well. They’re cartoonish. And they’ve added the stupid desktop bubbles. Considering I use Adobe Creative Suite on a daily basis along with sites like I feel pretty comfortable saying TouchWiz is generic.

          2. Check again. There no bubbles surrounding the Market, Music, Maps, youtube, or video icon in the photo above. You are thinking of the touchwiz that was on phones, which this IS NOT. Here’s a bigger picture for you of some of the icons, there is ZERO change, and I know because I am staring at my stock honeycomb tablet as I type this.


            And here’s a pic of stock Honeycomb. No change on the icons. :)


          3. Tommy,
            Your picture clearly demonstrates there are differences. The bubbles are at the top of the desktop, not around the icons. The back, home, and multitasking buttons have changed. Some of the app icons have changed–camera & browser. Again I’m not bashing TouchWiz just to troll. I have even enjoyed OEM shells like HTC Sense–especially Sense 3.0. However, I have some serious problems with how generic TouchWiz looks. It’s funny how many people get bent out of shape when you offer an opinion. I’ll admit stock Android has been bare in the past, but I loved Honeycomb’s UI from the get go when it was first released on the Xoom. I still can’t figure out if Google changed some of the icons from 3.0-3.1. The back, home, and multi-tasking buttons may have changed, as well as the app drawer icon.

          4. when I was referring to the app icons I was talking about the APP ICONS. Not the Navigation bar, which I said changed. The Camera app has always looked like that on my Honeycomb tablet.

          5. Tommy,

            Stock Android 3.0+ has a circular camera app. So yeah TouchWiz changed it. This is a pretty senseless argument considering the proof is evident in the pictures you’ve provided.

    2. You are running TW already and can give an educated opinion?

  4. I just pray they do not ruin the UI with Touchwiz

  5. Glad to see one Galaxy Tab getting updated like it should…. Still no Gingerbread, let alone Honeycomb for the Galaxy Tab 7 on Verizon. They want you to upgrade to the new Tab……… I like the 7…. I am happy with what I have….. there’s no reason to not deploy the Gingerbread update especially since Sprint already has had it for over a month. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ruin Honeycomb… why not?

    1. Don’t knock it before you try it, you flake.

      1. Better a flake than a fanboy. At least I can give reasoning as to why I dislike a product–not just I bought it so it must be good.

  7. Touchwiz UX looks cool … but I do have one concern. Will this cause problems with receiving 3.2 and eventually ICS updates? I’m afraid that updates will take longer because of the touchwiz on top.

    1. To be honest, I think Samsung will push 3.2 and ICS with Touchwiz before they push a stock version.

      1. Only problem with that thinking is that it has not been the case for phones. I know the touchwiz UI for phones has been a cause of delay for Froyo/Gingerbread on Samsung phones… which is why I’m concerned about the same thing happening for tablets. If touchwiz does not affect getting software updates like 3.2/ICS, then I’m all for it cuz it looks pretty cool for the tablets.

        1. Well, I read on thisismynext that the only updates samsung wil be pushing will have touchwiz integrated. Meaning 3.2, ICS, etc.

  8. The TW overlay is the reason Samsung is always last to push new android versions.

    1. Except everywhere the US carriers are not involved, they lead the pack in updating their devices.

      1. So… you’re saying outside the US they are good about updating their devices?

        Well…. thats great, does that show a lack of Samsung’s ability to deal with US Carriers then?

        1. It’s got to be something like that. I am cautiously optimistic that my GT 10.1 Wifi only will be supported in a timely manner.

        2. Samsung has been great about updating their devices outside of the US. The SGS was promptly updated, Samsung gives the update to the carriers and then it’s on the carrier alone to update the devices.

          Most of the US carriers like to add in crapware, or make changes to the update. And then decide to release it when they want to.

          The question shouldn’t be “does that show a lack of Samsung’s ability to deal with US Carriers then? ”

          It should be “does that show a lack of US carriers ability to deal with their customers and provide timely updates like they should?”

          Also to respond to your initial comment, yes TouchWiz does slow down the update process, but Samsung was the first manufacturer with a device that runs Gingerbread, and was also among the first to release the Gingerbread update to their devices.

          1. Um, well considering other device providers, like htc, seem to have no problem at all getting updates to customers through the carriers, I’d say your statement is inaccurate.

          2. HTC Thunderbolt – enough said troll. Obviously you’re a HTC fan.

            Thunderbolt which came 6 months after Original Galaxy S still isn’t on Gingerbread.
            Whilst Galaxy S is on 2.3.4.
            lol troll we pity you

          3. Trolling goes both ways DYNK.
            Where’s 2.3 for the Samsung Epic?
            The Evo received it in a timely manner.
            Your obviously a Samsung fan. Who cares.

          4. Seriously… Don’t you love when n00bs get online and start throwing around jargon like “troll”

            I don’t even use an htc device. Nexus S baby! I value speedy updates, thats all.

  9. @kevin: how about gearing up for small review of Touchwiz UX ?

  10. Blargh. their TouchWiz on phones is pretty terrible, but hopefully the UX would be better.

    1. u haven’t seen a Galaxy S II have you?

  11. I have a Google IO Galaxy Tab 10.1 and had been doing the normal System Updates via Settings for the last few months and am now at Build number HMJ37.UEKGR P7510UEKG4, which is Android 3.1. When I went to try to do the System Update today with the Touchwiz UI, etc. it says there are no pending System Updates. Can I expect to get this update, or am I already beyond it? I did a System Reset today, before trying to update, as the instructions said.

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