Android 3.2 GPL Source Code Released


We’ve head plenty about Android 3.2 in the past few weeks. It was first mentioned in conjunction with the Huawei Mediapad, then we got a bit of insider info detailing how it will handle various tablet screen sizes. It was mentioned as a future update for the Motorola XOOM and its new “zoom to fit” mode for running non-Honeycomb apps was detailed just yesterday. Now the GPL and LGPL bits and pieces of Android 3.2 have hit the Android Open Source Project. It isn’t the full source code by far — we don’t have any such thing for Honeycomb at this time and we may never see it — but it is a good sign that the update is right around the corner for Honeycomb tablets everywhere.

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  1. I want this on my Nook Color :/

  2. according to droid-life – the 3.2 update is already rolling out to us Xoom owners.

    Where’s that tool that said that the transformer would get it first?

    1. lol Just let it go people are idiots

  3. here’s to hoping the transformer isn’t far behind. the 3.1 update wasn’t, and it appears this new update doesn’t really change a whole lot so it should be nice and quick. i love android, always seems like there is something new on the horizon to be excited about!

  4. Where is the ‘report spam’ button?

    1. Flag it as “inappropriate”.

  5. The XOOM is a Google Experience Device so it should be getting new software 1st like the Nexus phones.

  6. I’ve you paid $32.67 for an XBOX and $52.78 for a 46inch TV you’d probably be using them right now instead of telling the world about it.

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