Motorola Xoom Getting Android 3.2 “Within Days?”


According to a supposed Googler, Android 3.2 might be coming to the Motorola XOOM in a matter of days. Buried in the comments of Android Open Source Project Issue 16992, a one line response states, “There should be a 3.2 update coming within days, and that should help those of you with Xoom.” The issue the comment is referring to concerns problems with Exhcnage support arrising after the Android 3.1 update, and while a fix is welcomed that’s not what has us excited.

This is one of only a handful of times we have heard mention of Android 3.2, an update that is said to bring support for a wider range of screen sizes and help bridge the gab to Ice Cream Sandwich. The update was first mentioned alongside Huawei’s upcoming tablet, and later more information was detailed. This is the first we have heard of it going to the Motorola XOOM, but it wouldn’t surprise us to see the flagship Honeycomb device receive the update. We wouldn’t even be surprised if the rumored XOOM 2 ships with the new version out of the box.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. It was also rumored a while back that 3.2 would be bring official microSD support to honeycomb. Either way, have fun Samsung/Acer/Asus owners, you should have 3.2 by September!


    1. MicroSD support? I’ve been using a 32gb microSD in my Asus since day one. :P

      1. Are you people really stupid enough to think that’s how the microSD is supposed to work? Come on, it doesn’t even do apps to sd, caching to sd, or pretty much anything without a file browser. Do you really think Google would take two leaps backward from even what Froyo can do? No, it’s a kernal hack, just like I can do with my XOOM. It’s also exactly why you don’t get OS updates as quickly as the XOOM.

        1. Everyone with a Transformer has 3.1. Everyone apart from US/Japan/China is still stuck on 3.0 with the Xoom. Anyway all the things you mention sound like hacks to cover up the lack of a proper amount of internal storage in devices.

          1. Congratulations, it only took what, a month for Asus to ensure that their kernal hack was compatible with a small .1 update. Just wait until a major OS update comes.

          2. As I said to “guest” (gee, was that you by chance?), prove that that was the reason 3.1 was delayed to the TF because I’m sure there are plenty of other things we can thrown darts at for guesses. ;)

          3. Is there another difference (from the OS standpoint) between the Transformer and the XOOM? Nope. Of course that’s the reason. What other reason could there possibly be?

          4. Yes, well, I see. You are very short sighted. Tell me, when Gingerbread came out, why didn’t every single other phone have it immediately? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t because the manufacturers all had to “hack” it on their phone. ;) (And you claim I don’t know what I’m talking about?!?)

          5. You obviously don’t. You think manufacturers withheld gingerbread because they don’t like their customers??? No, they had to ensure compatibility of their UI skins with the new OS. Just like Asus had to ensure that their kernal hack was still compatible with 3.1.

          6. No, it got withheld so Samsung could have the exclusive on GB on their Nexus S. If it was a case of waiting to skin it, then the N1 would have had it immediately too but it didn’t. I have a N1, it was a very long wait. So, as we can see, you really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

          7. Of course the Nexus S got it before the Nexus One, and if there were a Nexus tablet coming for 3.2, it would get it before the XOOM. But there isn’t, so your example is completely irrelevant.

          8. Wow! You really are clueless. Enjoy life on your little world. Radio the rest of us in reality when you’re ready to join us.

          9. Says the guy with 17 comments on his disqus profile. Whatever you say man, I’ve only been doing this for over 7 years.

          10. Ha ha! Yeah… once again, you prove yourself very clueless. They only implemented the whole disqus thing here recently. ;)

            This? What’s “this” that you’ve been doing for seven years. Obviously not android. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for seven years or longer. Really, get a clue.

      2. Are people really stupid enough to think that’s how the microSD is supposed to function. Asus hacked the kernal on their tablet, just like I could do with my XOOM. That is not official support. You can’t do apps2sd, cache to sd, or pretty much anything without a file browser. It’s like two leaps backward from even what Froyo offers! Plus, those hacks will just delay
        your OS updates, as we saw with 3.1. Just wait until a real OS update, like Ice Cream Sandwich.

        1. Oooor, maybe I don’t see a need for those features anymore as I have for more storage on my device than I’ll ever need.

          Also, can you prove that 3.1 was delayed to the Transformer just to add microSD support? Or that it was an issue at all? Hmm, I’m betting you can’t.

          1. You truly have no clue what you are talking about.

          2. Really? That’s odd. Everything works as I expect it to. Like I said, and someone else has said, those were all things needed back in the day with phones with very little on board storage. That’s no longer an issue. So as long as my tab can read my microsd, which it has since 3.0, and my apps can find the info on them (which they do) then everything is fine.

          3. Then you have low expectations. I mean not even being able to move apps to SD should tell you that it’s a hack, rather than official OS support. Google would not make it less functional than Froyo.

          4. No, as I said, it isn’t low expectations. It’s just that those features aren’t needed on devices that have a ton of space on them. Phones that don’t have a lot of on board space will need them but a tablet that starts with at least 16GB just doesn’t need them. Especially when you can just put all of your music and video content onto a microSD card if you really need that much space. You’re just living in the past. It’s a different game now.

    2. It is bringing SD support along with lte

  2. Oh, the irony. “Buried in the comments of Android Open Source Project Issue”… they suggest a fix is coming in the form of a closed-source update.

    As more time goes on, I’m getting more and more angry at the fact that we’ve yet to see Honeycomb sources.

    1. Ok so this doesn’t mean that 3.2 is going to have the source released then? Damn, my gTab could really use some honeycomb.

      1. They never intended to release the source on Honeycomb from what I’ve read. Something about QC on the whole tablet experience or something like that I think.

        1. No. It’s because Google isn’t as open as you nerds think it is. They don’t care about you. They want to just put out enough to string you along to keep the revenue coming in. They care about the money. Just like any other corporation out there.

          1. Well what is your brand of nerd into? And if not Android, WTF are you doing here?

          2. Android and Apple. Namely Nexus S and an iPad. I’m here because I own an android device, but I’m also here to point out how Android isn’t completely open as you guys wish it was.

          3. James, isn’t wakkoman so insightful?!

          4. Well wakkoman, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens with ICS, won’t we.

          5. Your an idiot nuff. Said

          6. Coming from the guy who can’t spell correctly… That’s rich.

            Also go study what an ad hominem is.

          7. I agree with Brian. Wakkoman is what they like to call a detractor.

      2. The Honeycomb source code will be released when Ice Cream Sandwich source is, as a part of its history.

  3. Meanwhile, Europe are *still* waiting for the 3.1 update. Someone ought to be reporting on that…

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