Android 3.2 Detailed: Supports 7-inch Displays, Qualcomm CPUs


The announcement of the 7-inch Huawei MediaPad came with the first ever mention of Android 3.2. What could easily have been mistaken as a simple case of misinformation on Huawei’s part in the wake of the recent Honeycomb update to version 3.1 is in fact the next and — if we are to believe some new rumors — final version of the operating system designed for tablets. This is My Next has gotten the dirt on what exactly we can expect when Android 3.2 hits tablets in the coming weeks. That’s right, the update could land on existing Android 3.1 slates before the end of summer, and several new 7-inch devices will ship with Android 3.2 come August. And those 7-inch screens will be fully supported, as this version of Honeycomb has been designed to run on a “range” of screen sizes.

Along with support for various sized displays, the new iteration of Honeycomb will also pack support for Qualcomm chipsets, meaning current Qualcomm devices such as the HTC Flyer could be eligible for an upgrade. The upgrade will also include bug fixes; improved hardware acceleration; new versions of Movie Studio, Movies, Music; and updated widgets.

And once it hits, that should be all she wrote for Honeycomb. We assume these new additions will carry over into Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich release, which as far as we know is still on track to arrive for both phones and tablets towards the end of the year.

[via This Is My Next]

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  1. With these changes, I hope that Honeycomb comes to the current Galaxy Tab 7.

  2. 3.2 already?

  3. Android ftw

  4. NookColor support?  Mmmm, that could be yummy!

    1. We’d still need the source for any real porting.

  5. Sd card support???

  6. Hopefully Honeycomb will support Galaxy Tab 7, HTC Flyer and more!To track your Android devices use 2x mobiledevicemanager and Google Maps.2x also lets admins control apps to their groups, to make sense of this please the app is available in the Android Market!

  7. Yet there will still be people desperate enough to try and shove this on a smartphone…

    1. Is that a wrong thing for them? after all android is about customization and openess. if they want to shove it on a phone its not hurting you any? They know the risks, problems, etc. or were you just trying to put your two cents in to “open your mouth”?

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