32-inch Multitouch Interface Opens Up New Possibilities for Android


Not counting Google TV, the largest Android devices we typically see are tablets with displays topping out right around 10 inches. This doesn’t mean the OS has to be limited to such a small screen, and SKR Technology is proving just that with a prototype 32-inch Android interface they have developed. The large screen mirrors the actions of a much smaller Android terminal to which it is connected, but through the deployment of custom drivers and a USB connection the 32-inch multitouch display is the only piece of hardware you need to navigate through a full install of Android 2.3, complete with pinch-to-zoom and other gestures.

It’s not your typical Android device, and don’t expect to see it marketed to consumers any time soon. SKR Technology primarily works in digital signage, and we imagine their new Android design will be used to create interactive displays and information hubs for advertising and self-service type activities such as checking in for a flight at an airport. Little is known how the prototype will ultimately be realized, but the company plans to create a range of sizes all the way up to 46-inches.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I must immediately go and patent manipulating the screen objects with two middle fingers. Or two fingers and my nose.

  2. Hey is that a Dance Dance Revolution pad? Love it.

  3. Thspat would be sick to have

  4. Add this to a Google platform for your home “Google Home” which offers both Google T.V. and control of your house’s HVAC, lighting, windows, blinds, doors etc. and I’ll have my dream–like when Tony Stark wakes up in the morning and interacts with his bedroom window. Also, I don’t think you need the battery symbol anymore considering this won’t be a mobile unit.

  5. lol’d at them saying windows didn’t work.

  6. I’ve been dreaming for exactly this as a wall mounted touch screen in my kitchen! Wish I could get my hands on it…

  7. Dam, now google, get your products finished and together in this design so I can control my home from my table.
    And while your doing this, tell the tablet makes to create 14″ tablets..

  8. reminds me of microsofts table technology

  9. actually… xbox kinect controls would be good here.

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