Leak Reveals Android 2.3 Upgrade Road Map for Bell Canada


A new leak is giving us a timeline of when Bell Canada subscribers can expect Gingerbread to arrive on several devices. The Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire Z, and Motorola Atrix are all scheduled to receive the update to Android 2.3 this summer, though only estimated time frames are given. Perhaps that’s for the best, as we know how these updates tend to get pushed back at the last minute. The Galaxy S is given a early summer delivery window, the Incredible S is pegged for mid-summer, and the Desire Z and Atrix both get tagged with a late summer Gingerbread release. Oh, and the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab should apparently be getting the Android 2.3 update any minute now. Any readers up north receive it yet?

[via MobileSyrup]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Curses! My Atrix will be Froyo for awhile, yet!

  2. Thanks, Kevin! Anyone know how Bell defines ‘early’, ‘mid’, and ‘late’?

  3. It will probaly be may/june july/aug and september.

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