Zipcar Comes to Android, Car Sharing Gets Easier


Car sharing has started to grow in popularity as an option for city-goers and other folk who find their use of a car too sparing to justify the purchase of one, but still yearn for the convenience of having a ride ready to go if needed. That convenience has just been bumped up a notch, as leading car-share network Zipcar has added an Android application to their line of mobile products. Those running version Android 2.1 or higher can use the app to locate available cars, reserve them, and even get directions to pick up and drop off locations. Cars can be searched for by type, time, and location to find the best vehicle for your needs.

Once you acquire your part-time ride, the app can be used to remotely lock and unlock doors and to sound the car’s horn if you need help remembering where you parked. It all creates a super easy to use experience that makes the Zipcar concept more appealing than ever. Speaking of which, if you aren’t a Zipcar member and want to be, you can sign up for a new account directly through the Android app. Check it out in the market now.

Android Market Link: Zipcar

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  1. Zipcar sounds pretty awesome, too bad it’s not available in my area. It seems quite affordable for the average person, definitely much cheaper than getting a taxi.

  2. I love zipcar, especially for those of us who only needs a car for a few hours to go grocery shopping

  3. This is funny to me. Between myself, my GF and my buddy whos renting a room from me we have 6 cars and a motorcycle. Heh…maybe I should rent these out

  4. ZipCar is a Great modern service and app!

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  5. So it’s an app for hitchhiking???

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